Bill Walsh live at the Ultimate World Speaker Summit April 25-28, 2013 London, UK


On 25-28 April I am the keynote speaker at “The World
Speaker Summit” and I would like to invite you to attend:


Attend this event and discover…

– How to become a highly successful international speaker, and get paid to travel the world

– How to increase your income by 6 and 7 figures with a single masterfully crafted proven pitch.

– How to make $20,000 in a weekend from your own seminar

– How to grow your mailing list and fill your seminars and webinars

– How to apply the ‘Elegant Business Model’ to grow your business by as much as 500% in the next twelve months.

– The Step-By-Step Structure Of A Persuasive Presentation
– 31 Power Closes That Work Without Fail

– How to organize and promote life-changing seminars, and make a real difference in people’s lives.

– How to become a New York Times bestselling author

… and much, much more!

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To Your Success,

Bill Walsh

Powerteam International

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Ultimate Wealth Summit with Bill Walsh in Milton Keynes, UK


John Lee

Investing in Property with No Money? Yes, he told 10,000 people whilst on stage with Sir Richard Branson!

Yes it is and John Lee knows all about it. That’s why he is the first author in the UK who’s ever published a book how one can invest in property using No Mortgage, No Finance and there’s No Problem!
John Lee is the co-founder of Wealth Dragons. A best-selling author and international speaker who has shared the stage with the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Anthony Robbins and Lord Alan Sugar, John Lee has inspired tens of thousands of people around the world to create financial freedom through his high-energy and inspiring training style.
At Ultimate Wealth Summit, John will be showing you :
  • How anyone can get started in property using little or none of your own money
  • How to find sellers who would “beg” you to buy their houses at 25 – 30% below the market value
  • How lease options work – a method in which you can invest in property without using any mortgage finance or deposits
  • How it is possible to make £2 – £10k in property deals that you don’t even want PASSIVELY
Anyone who’s heard John speak would tell you that he “holds nothing back” at his event! He has worked tirelessly to gather the best speakers from around the world to bring you superb value at Ultimate Wealth Summit. Come and see for yourself.

Alex Mandossian

Transform Your

Annual Income

into Weekly

Income Using

The Inte

A Legend who works with leaders such as Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Cranfield, Stephen Covey, Les Brown, T Harv Eker, Donald Trump, Brian Tracey, Harvey Mackay…

Since 1991, Alex Mandossian has generated over $233 million in sales for his clients and partners. Amongst his clients and friends are some of the most influential thought leaders and companies such as Dale Carnegie Training, NYU, 1ShoppingCart Corp.,, Trim Spa and Sam’s Club.

It’s a true honour to have Alex speaking at Ultimate Wealth Summit.

So what will Alex be teaching you at the event? Well, he would not tell us as it is meant to be a surprise! But we can tell you that when you have the opportunity to hear Alex speak, it’s an opportunity not to be missed.

He WILL transform your life!

Vincent Wong

How to Buy
and Make 5-10k

a Month Passively

From Property

and Buy Houses

Using None

of Your Own Money

The Google Master who has found 60,000 Property Deals Online

Vincent Wong is an international speaker, best-selling author and co-founder of Wealth Dragons. His “claim to fame” was when he pioneered the method of finding property sellers who wish to sell their houses quickly by offering 20 – 35% below the market value.

At Ultimate Wealth Summit, Vincent will be sharing with you:

  • The power of using Google to find more bargain houses than you can handle
  • How to systemize your marketing machine so you can do property deals from anywhere around the world
  • The advanced strategies that would allow you to generate leads online for pennies
  • How to make £2k to £10k a month passively by selling “information” online.

Anyone who has seen Wealth Dragons speak would be familiar with their high-energy and inspiring training styles. Vincent will not disappoint.

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Stephanie Hale

How to Become

a Millionaire



Have You Always Dreamt of Becoming a Published Author?


You must meet Stephanie Hale and learn from this Oxford University lecturer, millionaire author and publishing entrepreneur who has helped over 5,000 titles getting published!

Do you know that an average author in the UK only sells 250 copies a year? At Ultimate Wealth Summit, Stephanie will show you:

  • How to write your own book in 30 days using her “backdoor” strategies
  • How to get six-figures for your book simply and get it on the Best-Seller list
  • How to use your book to leverage into multi-million pound business opportunities

Stephanie now speaks internationally and has organised many events especially for the somewhat “neglected” female audience. Her insight in the publishing business and desire to promote female speakers has inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

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Vince Tan

How to Generate

Unlimited Income

Through Internet Marketing

The “Fastest” Internet Marketer in the World will show you how to Launch Your Own Products and make ££

Vince Tan started computing at the age of 7 and was already making money online by the age of 15. After making his first $1m at the age of 23, his main focus now is to inspire people around the world to generate unlimited income through many of his “underground” techniques.

Although Vince didn’t want to reveal too much beforehand what he would be teaching at Unlimited Wealth Summit as a surprise, we know his specialties are:How to “flip” domain names and make up to 400% return on your investments

  • His secret “product launch formulas” of how to make fast and substantial income through launching your own products.
  • His teaching style are STEP-BY-STEP with great passion and enthusiasm that inspire the audience

Vince will be coming from Malaysia to speak at Ultimate Wealth Summit to share with you his Internet marketing secrets.

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Bill Walsh

How to do Deals

with Millionaires

How Would You like to “Rub Shoulders” with Billionaires?

Bill Walsh will show you how.


Founder and CEO of Business Coaching and venture capital firm Powerteam International has spent the last two decades working with start-ups and global enterprises.

In Ultimate Wealth Summit, Bill will show you:

What it takes to build a million-dollar business

  • The secrets of successfully building multi-million dollar joint ventures
  • How to break your success strategies into a manageable 2-year success plan
  • How to get connected with the “sharpest minds on the planet”
  • How to turn your passions and ideas into CASH TODAY!

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Minesh Bhindi

How To Make a

Fortune in Gold

and Silver

Go for Gold with Minesh Bhindi

The gold and silver investment maverick Minesh Bhindi will show you the profitable way of investing in inflation-proof’ “currencies” such as gold and silver. Among his students today are CEOs, business owners, high net-worth individuals as well as ordinary people who want a massive passive income.

At Ultimate Wealth Summit, Minesh will reveal:

  • How to capitalize on the “boom cycle” of gold and silver to generate massive cash flow and capital gains
  • How to invest like institutions to buy gold and silver at 20% BELOW MARKET VALUE
  • How to grown a golder and silver fund from £10k to £2.2m using NO MONEY DOWN
  • How anyone can get started with zero experience in this market spending as little as 10 to 45 minutes a month!

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Saj P

Something You Have

Before Guaranteed


The Most Powerful Mindset Technology that is termed “Law of Attraction on Steroids”!

Saj P, the world renowned speaker and serial entrepreneur, has a personal relationship with the person who has devoted his past 30 years to this groundbreaking technology.

You might already know about the power of the “subconscious mind”. This technology will reveal your UNCONSCIOUS MIND! Your unconscious mind has all the answers and it manifests itself in certain ways. This is Law of Attraction on steroids!

It’s so powerful that the founder of this technology discovered some secret cohort operations in Iraq through the speech of the US President and three assassination attempts had been made on his life since!

As scary as it may sound, this technology, when used properly, could have a dramatic and positive impact on your life in a super-powerful way. Whether it is to do with money, relationship or anything that is embedded in your unconscious mind. Yes, it has ALL the answers.

Saj P will reveal ALL at Ultimate Wealth Summit. It will change your life INSTANTLY. Miss it at your peril!

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Glenn Armstrong

How to Buy One

House and Get

One Free

Buy One House and Get One Free!

Self-made property millionaire Glen Armstrong who built a £30m property portfolio in 3.5 years from nothing will teach you:

  • The six little-known strategies of starting in property WITH NO MONEY
  • The “insider secrets” of buying one property and getting another one for ABSOLUTELY FREE!
  • The best areas to invest in so you can direct all your efforts to maximising cash flow
  • How to attract your buy-to-let tenants with as little work and capital as possible

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Juswant Rai

How to Create
a 6 Figure

Networking Business

Build Your Net Worth through your Network

Juswant Rai is the co-founder of the UK’s biggest networking event Berkshire Property Meet. Every month, hundreds of people gather at his event to network and millions of pounds of property deals have been transacted since its first event in 2007.

There is an adage in business that your “network is your net worth”. Juswant will be showing you specifically:

  • How to overcome fear and develop your networking skills to become an effective networker
  • How to use your network to monetise your business
  • Step-by-step how to set up your own 6-figure networking businesst using the most up-to-date marketing strategies
  • The “buzz” strategy that will fill your event so much that you might have to turn people away!

Juswant is a personal friend of Wealth Dragons and he has promised to deliver to you something that will make your every minute spent in networking count towards building your net worth.

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Nik Halik

Would you go to the Moon or Explore the Titanic?

Nik Halik, founder and CEO of Financial Freedom Institute, Money Masters Global and co-founder of The Intelligence Group of companies is also a certified astronaut as well as a sea explorer who’s dived 5 miles into the ocean to the bow of the Titantic.

Nik will be teaching you at Ultimate Wealth Summit his unique Stock Market trading strategies that allow him to “truly live the life he deserves”. Perhaps you would like to join him for his next space exploration adventure and view our planet from the International Space Station?

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Marco Kozlowski

How to Systemise

Your Busines

and Never Have

to Work in it



WTF? Ah it’s Marco Kozlowski’s “Wealth The Formula”!

Marco Kozlowski is one of the world’s leading experts on delegation and systems process engineering. He is currently an owner in a wide variety of successful companies. From holistic centres and Cancer research facilities, to private business consulting, to recording companies – Marco’s methodology has proven results.

A charismatic and powerful speaker who is adored by all the audiences around the world, Marco will be sharing with you:

  • How he used WTF to build 12 multi-million dollar companies
  • How to structure your businesses that will maximise profit and reward you and every member of your team
  • How to use other people to do all the work so you are an owner and not the manager of your business

His WTF is as bold as its results.

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Lee Sanford

How to Make 5k a

Month From Forex


See Star Trader Lee Sanford trade LIVE on the day!

Ex-professional footballer turned multi-millionaire star trader Lee Sanford will show you:

  • The reality of turning £10k to £65k in 3 months through trading
  • How ANYONE can use the appropriate trading tools to make £5 – £25k consistently a month TAX FREE trading from anywhere in the world
  • How to spend as little as 30 minutes a week to manage your trades to maximise profits and minimise risks
  • The principles of “stress-free” trading that can be integrated into our hectic lives

Lee has combined his 17 years of trading experience to found Trading College, which today is known for its quality, price and customer service. The tools he’s developed are among some of the very best in the market place and his trading philosophy is simple, powerful and price-driven.

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Dates: Friday 6th – Sunday 8th July 2012

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Jurys Inn Milton Keynes Hotel,

Midsummer Boulevard,

Milton Keynes,


Tel:+44 1908 843700,

Fax:+44 1908 843777


The Shift Event – London, UK

Fri 25th – Sun 27th November 2011

1 Kingdom Street, London Paddington W2 6BD

(For Location Map Click Here)

“THE SHIFT EVENT” is a powerful, action-packed, interactive, fun-filled, explosive, exciting, inspiring and motivating, talent-building seminar that will change your thinking and change your life in just a matter of hours. This blockbuster three-day event will give you proven blueprints to sharpen your business skills, strengthen your relationships, supercharge your motivation, accelerate your effectiveness, increase your income and even improve your health!

Following on from a successful TIME Event in September 2011 “THE SHIFT EVENT” speakers deliver captivating, content-packed presentations jammed with the most up-to-date advice, tips and skills possible to drive you towards the success that you deserve!

The “THE SHIFT EVENT” Seminar will give you the latest and greatest information in the arenas of effectiveness and efficiency, leadership, goal-setting and achievement, sales closing techniques, the art of negotiation, wealth building, relationships, health, spiritual success, business strategies, inspiration and motivation, communication skills and much more!

  • Learn How to Take Charge of Your Financial Future Right Now.
  • Discover 7 Rock Solid Ways to Make Big Money, even in this Economy.
  • Improve Your Health and Live the Lifestyle You’ve Always Wanted.
  • Discover and Develop the Secrets of Personal and Professional Success.
  • Create and Nurture Permanent, Rewarding Relationships for You and Your Business.
  • Gain the Positive Self Confidence You Need to Transcend Every Facet of Your Life!
Speaker 1: Kevin Harrington, The Infomercial King and Star of ABC TV’s “Shark Tank”
If you’ve watched Infomercials on television, you’ve probably seen a Kevin Harrington show.  Kevin is one of the Investor Stars of the ABC hit show, “Shark Tank” and the Chairman and Founder of TVGoods, Inc. and the pioneer and principal architect of the Infomercial more…
Speaker 2: “Coach Carla” Ferrer, Sustainable Weight Loss, Health and Wellness
Coach Carla Ferrer is a walking, talking testimony about what you can accomplish when you set and achieve goals!  About 20 years ago, Carla weighed an extremely unhealthy 330 lbs. and watched her mother pass away from obesity and related more…
Speaker 3: Bill Walsh
Bill Walsh is the CEO/Founder of Business Coaching/Venture Capital firm Powerteam International. Bill hosts events all over the world presenting with Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, T. Harv Eker, Stephen Pierce, Alex Mandossian, Mike Lathigee and several other…read more…
Speaker 4: Sam Carpenter
  Sam Carpenter’s ground breaking book Work The System – The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less details his 15 year struggle working 80-100 hour work weeks and earning barely enough to get more…
Speaker 5: Tracy Repchuk
TRACY REPCHUK is an International speaker and Motivator, Recurring Riches for Life Coach, Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, coach, mentor, and more…
Speaker 6: Doug Bench
Doug Bench, MS JD AAAS, is a noted educator, motivational dramatist, humorist, author, trainer and speaker, specializing in brain science-based performance and achievement more…
Speaker 7: Mark Nathwani
Mark Nathwani’s background is successful property Investing & has always been an Entrepreneur with specialist skills in Business & Personal more…
Speaker 8: Will “Power” Duquette, The Blueprint to Wealth Mastery
Like many people, Will “Power” Duquette came from very humble beginnings and through dedication and hard work, he created financial freedom for himself.  Will knows he can help you create that very same success for yourself.  He will tell you the truth about how to make money!read more…
Speaker 9: Dr. Sean
Dr. Sean is a physician turned entrepreneur, investor, speaker and educator. Sean has been successful and “produced” in every professional venture he has ever more…
Speaker 10: Marsha Wright
Marsha Wright is a successful business owner and serial-entrepreneur with interests in publishing, media, software, business services, high-end consultancy, television, training and more…
Speaker 11: Sohail Khan
Sohail is founder of The Joint Venture Group. Prior to starting The Joint Venture Group, Sohail has had over 15 years of sales, joint venture marketing and business more…
Speaker 12: Marco Kozlowski
Marco Kozlowski is well known as the world’s leading expert on delegation and creating systems. He owns many businesses and first made his fortune controlling luxury real estate with little or no risk implementing his delegation Successipe™.read more…
Speaker 13: Ted Thomas
Ted Thomas is a U.S. and Florida-based educator, publisher and author.  He is the publisher and author of more than 30 books and his guidebooks on Real Estate have sold in four more…
Speaker 14: Jairek Robbins
Jairek Robbins is the world’s  foremost authority at developing creative solutions  for accelerating results. By evaluating your organization’s strategic objectives, Jairek  is able to build a customized roadmap for achieving your goals with  speed and more…
Speaker 15: SIFU George Fitzgerald
SIFU George Fitzgerald has been studying and practising formal Martial Arts for the last 38 years and he currently holds various degrees of Black Belt (or its equivalent) in Fifteen Martial Art systems, including instructorship under TWO of Bruce Lee’s original more…
Speaker 16: Thomas Power
Thomas is a thought provoking professional speaker who puts doubts, questions and challenges in your mind. His thinking is typically 3 to 5 years ahead of the market and is “frighteningly accurate” according to Daniel Priestley CEO of Triumphant more…
What’s in it for YOU:
  • Hear from some of the world’s finest Speakers and Leaders
  • Hear from some of the world’s finest Trainers and Motivators
  • The Very Latest and Greatest Business Skills
  • Programs That Actually Work in this Economy
  • Proven Wealth-Building Strategies
  • Secrets to Professional, Personal and Spiritual Health
  • Awesome learning & networking opportunities
  • And Much, Much More!
Who should attend?
  • Individuals
  • SME’s (Small-Medium Businesses)
  • Entrepreneurs
  • On-Line Marketers
  • Corporations
  • Husband/ wife teams
  • Beneficial for any age
  • Anyone from startup to established business

Friday Registration 8amfor 9am SHARP start
Hypnosis show at 7pm and close at 8pm

Saturday 8am Registrationfor 9am SHARP start
networking at 7pm and close at 8pm

Sunday Registration 8am – for 9am SHARP start
SHIFT EVENT Party at 7pm and close at 12am

Tickets £497
for all 3 days






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100 complimentary tickets

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2 x free worth £994

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