Bill Walsh interviews Adam Ginsberg this Sunday on the Rainmaker Show

#1 Selling Author, Trainer, Educator, Entrepreneur

Those are just a few of the words that describe Adam Ginsberg. His passion and enthusiasm, along with his desire to not only succeed but help other succeed, enable Adam Ginsberg to stand out in a competitive environment.
Adam’s first book, “How to Buy, Sell & Profit on eBay” was published by Harper Colllins and quickly became the best selling published eBay book of all time.

You can check it out on Amazon here: Adam Ginsberg eBay Book.

Best known as the “#1 eBay training in the world” Adam Ginsberg can help anyone get started selling on eBay OR take an existing business to the next level.

What most people don’t realize is that Adam Ginsberg, along with selling more than $20,000,000 on eBay, has sold millions of dollars on the internet off of eBay.


Here are just a couple of his websites:

Adam has been featured on National television shows and speaks frequently at live seminars and events around the world including London UK, Singapore, Kuala Lumpor Malaysia, Dubland Ireland, and throughout Canada and Australia.

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