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Bill Walsh interviews John Sanpietro & John Lee this Sunday on the Rainmaker Show

John Sanpietro (san-pee-tro), an International Coach Federation-Certified Business Coach since 2000, has helped thousands of business owners worldwide reach their goals quickly and efficiently.  An online and offline marketing expert, John is recognized by his peers as an expert in building small, profitable lists that consistently outperform lists that are 10 times larger.

By building and capitalizing on these small, “Profit Lists,” John is now the creator and owner of several profit-generating products and membership sites in multiple markets.

John has shared the stage with many Internet Marketing Giants, including Yanik Silver, Matt Bacak, Bill Walsh, Ryan Lee, Chris Haddad, Jason Fladien and others!

Ryan calls John, “An under-the-radar marketer whose ideas are freakin’ brilliant!”

John’s success has allowed him to spend more time with the people he loves; his wife, Liz, and four-year old son, John.

It’s also given him the time and resources necessary to work with a number of charitable organizations helping to rebuild post-Katrina New Orleans.

Learn more at www.BuildAProfitableList.com

John Lee is an international speaker and mentor who is recognised for his vibrant, get-up-and- go energy at his events and seminars. He is the co-founder of Wealth Dragons and co-author of the first Lease Options book to ever be released in the UK “Step by Step Guide to Lease Options – No Mortgage, No Deposit No Problem”. Today, John trains thousands of students around the world in his cutting edge property investing and internet and wealth creation techniques.

When he was 21, he had one mission in mind – to earn enough passive income to never have to work again and own a Lamborghini. He achieved both at the age of 27.

Through building income producing assets, he built up a multi-million pound portfolio which produced positive cash flow income to allow him to become financially free. Selling and negotiating have become second nature. He is reputed to have the ability to pick up the phone and make thousands of pounds in minutes.

His mission now is to inspire people to take action and to give something back.

John has not always had life easy. He came from very humble beginnings where he used to wash dishes 10 hours a day in his parents Chinese takeaway in Manchester. His passion was to work in the film industry, after getting a first class honours degree in this specialism. John went on to become one of the top animators on the circuit. He worked for companies that produced Harry Potter, Despereaux, X Men and Transformers for 5 years but after working long hours and making his company bosses very rich, he decided to quit.

It was only when he sold his car to fund his property education where his life took a turn. He learnt about passive income and to buy assets such as property – a simple concept to buy low, sell high. John has always believed in investing in his education. Even to this day, he still spends a considerate time investing in his education. He never stops learning.

In the last 10 years, John has appeared in front of millions of people and has performed with some of the top UK celebrities through his passion of acting and has appeared in BBC shows such as Little Britain, Waterloo Road, Byker Grove, Coronation Street to name a few!

John has a unique style of speaking that really inspires people at the deepest level to take action and to create wealth for themselves. John’s one motto in life is “Don’t have wishes… have targets”.

Learn more at www.wealthdragons.co.uk

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