The 7 Secrets to Success!

A VIP interview with America’s Business Expert – Bill Walsh reveals the truth to becoming a top producer in any industry!

Bill Walsh - Americas Business ExpertBill was asked to share a bit of his wisdom on what it takes to become a global top producer.  He travels the world and works with companies small and large helping them to increase productivity, sales and bottom line profits.

Read closely and apply immediately these concepts in your business to start becoming a global top producer today!



The 7 Secrets to Success!

1.  Take 100% ownership of your daily method of operation! Schedule your success every night before you go to bed for the next day!

2. Learn the  20/20 rule. Make at least 20 new quality connections  per day. Make at least 20 presentations per day.

3. Automate your success. Utilize technology to follow up every week for at least one year with every prospect you meet.

4.  Invest in your best customers. Call one of your best customers everyday and thank them for the business.

5. Inspect what you Expect. Create quarterly/monthly/weekly & daily sales goals with a clear and defined plan to achieve them.

6. Step into your Greatness! Your passion for excellence will guide you to become the absolute best in class!

7. All distractions are equal. Stay Laser Focused and Organized. Success is a way of life. What you live you will know!

Start living as a top-producer today!

Notes from an interview with  America’s Business Expert – Bill Walsh