Ultimate Success Camp – Chicago, IL

If You are Ready To Be One Of The Lucky Few Who Take Advantage Of This Never Before Seen Opportunity In History, Register and Plan to be in Schaumburg, IL for the Ultimate Success Camp!

“The greatest fortunes were created right after the great depression – now it is your turn to dominate your market and build your fortune!”
Bill Walsh® – CEO Powerteam International

For the last 12 years, we have created global success stories due to the fact that we offer the best coaching and training related to how to grow your business. There are a many reasons why Powerteam has been able to give people the incredible results we’ve helped others create for their businesses:

* World Class Global Success Faculty
* Professional Coaches ensuring members establish and work toward their goals
* 1000 plus hours of Focused, Expert Training across every business
* A Community of brilliant like-minded individual members all helping each other
* The Most Innovative Live Ultra-Focused Premium Programs to Inspire & Educate

It isn’t any one of those things that creates millionaires. It’s the combination, the System. All of these things together are the key to creating amazing success stories. Beyond the system, it’s the members that spend the time to find the answers to their questions inside of our massive library of training that make the difference. The ability to follow through on a success plan with capital helps people become unstoppable!


VIP Speakers Include:

Bill Walsh® – America’s Business Expert

Berny Dohrmann – Founder of CEO Space

Joe Sugarman – Inventor of Blue Block Sunglasses

Anthony Morrison – Author of “Automated Profits from Home”

Shellie Hunt – Author of the “Success is by Design” Series

Austin Walsh – Social Media Expert

Nate Bloom – Automation Expert

Chris Foltz – PR Expert

Steve Olsher – America’s Reinvention Expert


more tba


Schedule of Events:

Mega-Wealth Summer Party
Sunday, June 24th 4PM – 9PM

Bill Walsh’s Estate
Barrington, IL 60010

Ultimate Success Camp
Monday, June 25th 9AM – 6PM
Tuesday, June 26th 9 AM – 6PM

Location TBA


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