Bill Walsh interviews Jack Zufelt and Aaron Young this Sunday on the Rainmaker Show

Jack Zufelt is a world renowned success expert. He is one of the most successful speakers and business consultants on the national and international scene. He is very popular keynote speaker. He has discovered something that is being called a “breakthrough” and a “wake up call” in the world of success and personal development.

His client list includes associations and companies of all sizes including many Fortune 500 companies.

Jack’s book, The DNA of Success, has catapulted him into the limelight as a celebrity business consultant, keynote speaker and trainer all around the world.

  • Jack is the Author of the #1 best selling book, The DNA of Success which is now in 15 languages.
  • Jack was awarded the Presidential Medal of Merit by a President of the United States.
  • He was honored by the United States Senate for teaching Americans how to achieve better results in their personal lives and careers.
  • He has been interviewed on over 2,000 radio and TV talk shows including The Today Show in Australia. PBS aired a special on Jack and his concepts that was sent via satellite to 127 countries.
  • Zufelt was selected by Winners Digest, a publication for Fortune 500 executives, as one of the two most effective speakers in the U.S. The other was elected President of the United States that year.
  • He is listed as aWho’s Who” of Human Potential Superstars and the “Best of the Best”  His audio program was featured in SUCCESS magazine … twice.
  • Jack been featured on the cover of many other magazines that published articles written by, or about, him in several countries including America, Canada, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea and Thailand.

Jack discovered a concept about achievement that has caused him to become very popular as a speaker, trainer, business consultant and “Mentor to Millions”.

He has gained worldwide recognition because of his unique and life changing approach to all achievement and success.

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Aaron Young, CEO, Laughlin Associates, Inc.

A published author and frequent guest on radio and television shows nationwide, Aaron has focused his attention on being an advocate for the small business owner for nearly 20 years. Aaron’s goal is to arm entrepreneurs with formulas for success that can be applied immediately to create exponential growth and protection for their personal empire.

As a leader in the business world, Aaron has consulted government leaders, participated on corporate boards of directors and mentored ultra-successful CEOs. Based on these experiences he has developed a cutting edge system for leveling the playing field for small business owners.

As an engaging teacher who speaks directly to the heart and mind of entrepreneurs, Aaron can help you to take a quantum leap in your business by providing you with a solid launch pad for your rocket. With Aaron’s expertise, business owners can finally learn how to properly structure their companies’ to start, protect and exponentially grow their dreams into reality without putting themselves or their families at risk.

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