Pictures from the Rainmaker Summit Jan 15-17 2010 Schaumburg, IL

Pictures from the Rainmaker Summit Jan 15-17 2010 Schaumburg, IL

The Rainmaker Summit is a 2 1/2 Day Intensive Interactive program specifically designed to help entrepreneurs and business create even more success and happiness in every area of their life! The breakthrough program is based on 3 key areas of focus. The Personal Development Education will show you how to breakthrough any current challenges you face by harnessing the power of Personal Intuitive Performance. As a Rainmaker you will develop an unstoppable mindset and non-negotiable posture to succeed!

When you attend the Rainmaker Summit you will learn about the Systems required to create success in any business. Rainmakers will learn the how to properly utilize business capital, entity structuring, social media, e-commerce websites, joint venture partnerships, customer acquisition and effective communication skills to exponentially grow their business! The final piece of the Rainmaker Weekend is very intense in the areas of Entrepreneur Accountability and Productivity training in every area of your life! When you attend our team will work with you to build out your 2-Year action plan to success! It will include the development of your empowered goals combined with a Daily Method of Operation to achieve your most important life goals! Attendees will learn the Secrets that Millionaires and Billionaires utilize to create wealth through effective planning and delegation. The Rainmaker Summit is one of the most interactive, educational retreats in the marketplace today! It is designed for everyone that is interested in launching a business or growing an existing business in today’s marketplace!

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