Pictures from the Rainmaker Summit August 21-23, 2009 in Barrington, IL

The Rainmaker Summit August 2009 in Barrington was phenomenal! It was filled with tons of great speakers, great energy, and great breakthroughs.  Everyone that attended left with not only new business tools and connections, but personal relationships as well.  You can’t walk away from a Rainmaker Summit without some sort of breakthrough or deeper insight into your business, who you are, what you’re looking for, and how to get yourself and your business in the direction your heart desires to go!  Rainmaker Summit pulls you up to the next level in your life!

Take a look at some of the line-up of presenters at this Rainmaker Summit:

Bill Walsh: a renowned professional speaker, Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur, and founder/owner of Powerteam International.

Glenn Blake: a web master who can get your website to the top of any search engine.

Michael Tipper: an incredibly intelligent man from the UK who teaches mind mapping and other techniques to maximize your memory and accelerated learning.

Mark Kaplan: an excellent real estate expert with years of experience and huge projects and insights under his belt.

George Miller: founder of Probate Uncovered, a unique system of wealth building through the virtually untapped probate industry.

Here’s what Michael Tipper has to say himself about the Rainmaker Summit experience..

“It was a complete holistic experience that not only gave me some outstanding strategies to apply to my business but it also got me to look a little deeper inside myself.  Yes we focused on business but this was much much more than a business summit.  The Highlight form me was connecting on a deep and personal level with the other delegates – the fireside session on Saturday was awesome.  I can’t believe that I nearly didn’t come…I got far more out of my attendance than I could ever have imagined – thank you”
-Michael Tipper

Join us for the next Rainmaker Summit! Don’t miss your chance!

September 25-27, 2009 at the Airport Hilton in Irvine, CA

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