SUCCESS2020 SYMPOSIUM TOUR in Edmonton, Canada

The Success2020 Symposium is a one day intensive seminar that will assist every entrepreneur/business owner in learning specifically what it takes to grow or launch a new business in today’s marketplace! The program has been developed for anyone that is serious about learning the key components in creating and growing a multi-million dollar business! At the event you will learn proven concepts and new ideas that millionaires and billionaires are utilizing in today’s business world!

You will discover how to breakthrough your fears and turn your passion into cash and learn how to get the capital and the right structure for your business! The speakers will share with you how to maximize your income through the use of the Internet with Facebook, Twitter and organic website traffic! In addition you will be amazed by simple processes that when used consistently, your production will increase dramatically and your FREE time will be dramatically increased! Everyone that attends the Success2020 Events will leave with new great contacts and a much better understanding of how to effectively network and acquire new customers! As a priceless bonus you will learn about the 3 hottest ways to make money in today’s economy! Plus as another bonus, all paid attendees receive a Success2020 Audio Series valued at $300.00 from some of the best trainers from around the country!

Date: Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Location: Fantasy Land Hotel

Street: 17700-87 Avenue

City/Town: Edmonton, AB

Join me at the Success2020 Symposium to learn specifically what it takes to WIN BIG in today’s economy! Learn – Connect – Succeed!

For full information, ticket prices, and the list of 10 Keys to Create Business Success in Today’s NEW Economy visit:

Bill Walsh

Business Coach/Venture Capitalist

Bill Walsh on

Twitter Backgrounds – Upload Tip – Twitter Wallpapers

Twitter Backgrounds – Upload Tip – Twitter Wallpapers

written by Brian Hanson

Thought I would post a quick message about a quick tip that I learned about how to successfully upload a Twitter background. Recently Twitter has been acting “twacky” and many have tried to upload background images without success. Well, have no fear, there is a trick!

First upload your image. If you need a tutorial on this, you can find it here. Once Twitter says it has “saved” the image check your profile. If the image didn’t actually save and is viewable, then you must rename the same image file and re-upload. By renaming the image file, you confuse Twitter! It may take a few times of renaming and re-uploading for it to work, but it has never failed me yet. I have had to use this technique a few times to successfully upload client’s images who had custom themes designed by Hope this works for you too!

Some others are also having luck by deleting the previous images they may have already stored previously as their background. Do this by clicking ” Do not use a background” in the Twitter admin under settings, design, change background image.

Bill’s NEW Book – Empower the Entrepreneur


Bill Walsh is the CEO of Powerteam International
The #1 Coaching Organization in the Direct Marketing Industry. He will share the secrets of his success.

In this ebook, you’ll learn advanced leadership and communication skills and how to be more influential with everyone you meet.

Learn everything Bill Walsh has learned over his 20 year career as a successful entrepreneur. Numerous people profess to being successful in life, yet many “gurus” out there have rarely done what they preach to being an expert at.

Bill has not only walked his talk, but he still does everything today that made him successful years ago. Bill’s success principals, systems and methods are time tested and proven to work.

Read Bill’s story as he walks you through the journey that made him the success he is today!

Here is a sample of what you will learn!

  • Launching Your Business

  • How to Close Business

  • Daily Method of Operation

  • Effective Communication

  • Building a Prospecting List

  • How to Pique Interest

  • Viral Consumer Marketing

  • Power of Referrals

  • Art of Closing

  • Personal Development

  • Accountability

  • Power of Goals

For more information visit:

Internet Wealth Symposium

Powerteam International presents:

Internet Wealth Symposium

Tuesday JUNE 23rd 2009

The Meadows Club
2950 W Golf Rd.
Rolling Meadows, IL

Become E Commerce Independent Broker

Make Money On-Line with

Unique Green Shopping Mall

No Experience Necessary

Order Tickets Now!

VIP Reception: $20 5pm-7pm

Company Overview 7pm-9pm
Members: $10  Guests: Free


Pictures from
the Internet Wealth Symposium 
event May 26th 2009 in Rolling Meadows, IL

Bill Walsh

Business Coach/Venture Capitalist

Bill Walsh on

eAlliance Power Lunch meeting with Bill Walsh

The eALLIANCE is an Organization of Professionals that are committed to helping Entrepreneurs connect with industry leaders in creating business success! Monthly Events are being planned around the country for business professionals to attend to learn from leaders precisely what it takes to manifest powerful ideas and connections that are necessary to create success!

Launch or Grow Your Business
Train PTI Success Principles
Introduction to PowerTeam
Sucessfolio & Rainmaker Summit
Build Residual Relationships

Date: Tuesday, June 2, 2009
Time: 11:30am – 1:15pm
Location: The Meadows Club
Street: 2950 W Golf Road
City/Town: Rolling Meadows, IL

Cost: $20
Register at:

Pictures from Rainmaker Summit in Barrington, IL May 15-17 2009

Group picture of the Rainmaker students

Bill Walsh speaking at the Rainmaker Summit

Chaffe Nguyen speaking at the Rainmaker Summit

David Mierswa speaking at the Rainmaker Summit

Austin Walsh speaking at the Rainmaker Summit

Mark Kaplan speaking at the Rainmaker Summit

Glenn Blake speaking at the Rainmaker Summit

Jim Ventrone speaking at the Rainmaker Summit

Mark Elkins speaking at the Rainmaker Summit

Jason Gilbert speaking at the Rainmaker Summit

Bill Walsh

Business Coach/Venture Capitalist

Bill Walsh on

InvestFest 2009 Conference

What is the InvestFest Conference?

It comes as no surprise that InvestFest just keeps getting bigger and better. Internationally regarded as one of the world’s most prestigious investment conferences, InvestFest is designed by investors for investors. This extraordinary conference attracts financial analysts, investment specialists and investors from everywhere.

Speakers are by special invitation only and include top leaders in Business, Economics, Finance, Management, Real Estate, Motivational Training and much more. Their presentations are information-rich, creative and motivating with one common goal – to empower you to become an even more successful investor.

InvestFest is the only conference where you will learn on the spot about breaking investment opportunities and about the innovative investment landscape provided by the Freedom Investment Club that allows you to participate at a level unavailable to most investors.

Who should attend?

Whether you are a seasoned or beginner investor, the InvestFest Conference has something for everyone.

What you will learn:

At InvestFest, you will receive an up-to-the-minute education on the economy and will have the chance to participate in breaking investment opportunities.

Powerteam International is a Sponsor of InvestFest 2009

Bill Walsh of Powerteam International is scheduled to speak on Saturday May 30 from 10:30am – 12:00pm

Bill Walsh is the CEO/Founder of Business Coaching/Venture Capital firm Powerteam International. He delivers a message of hope and inspiration combined with real life stories and strategies that empower people to understand specifically what it takes to build successful companies. As an accomplished author, speaker, radio personality and movie celebrity, Bill has the background to connect instantly with the audience by sharing the mindset, methods and systems required to win really big in today’s economy!

Bill has an extensive background in foreign currency trading, real estate development and building business in more than 30 countries. Over the past 2 decades, his firm has specialized in helping companies launch, grow and create exponential valuation in the market. The Rainmaker Summit and WIN University programs offered through Powerteam are designed to assist entrepreneurs in creating the focus, plans and partnerships required to build multi-million dollar companies!

For more speakers and detailed information go to:

Bill Walsh

Business Coach/Venture Capitalist

Bill Walsh on

Rainmaker Summit Barrington, IL

You are invited to attend what many say has been the most powerful life changing event in their life! Imagine the personal power to break through, the systems to create the success and the accountability programming to win really big in life!

Fri, May 15 – Sun, May 17

Friday 7pm-10pm
Saturday 9am-10pm
Sunday 9am-5pm

Barrington, IL

Now it’s your turn to become a RAINMAKER!

Who should attend?

Anyone trying to grow their existing business!

Anyone that is thinking about launching a new business!

Anyone that is interested in finding a new career!

Anyone that is interested in breaking out of the past and building a new future!

If you feel that you have hit a wall or you are interested in an exponential leap in your life or business then you should make the commitment to attend the next Rainmaker Summit!

Make the Call that will change your life!

Rainmaker Summit
Personal Development programs that will inspire and assist you breaking through every challenge in your life!

Success Systems that are used to create success beyond your imagination!

Learn about the following:
Information marketing
social networking on twitter
Internet Traffic Secrets
Current Financial Insight
How to Build your Network
How to Build your Lists
How to Brand Yourself
Online/Offline Marketing Secrets
Launching a Successful Online Business
Building New Revenue Streams
Access to Business Credit
Advanced Communication Skills
plus so much more….

Accountability programs that will lift you to new heights by dominating your marketplace with efficiency! Would you like to learn how to delegate like millionaires for pennies on the dollar!

Organization Programs
Learn Accountability Secrets of the Ultra-Wealthy
Discover how to get rid of all of the clutter in your life!
Learn how to build breakthrough habits to own your time!
Learn how to connect & do business with Millionaires!

VIP Special Guest Speakers:
Bill Walsh – CEO Powerteam International
Glenn Blake – SEO Expert
David Mierswa – Legal Expert

Real People – Real Training – Priceless Relationships!

It’s your turn to become a RAINMAKER!

For more information go to: