Inspiration2020 & The 2012 American Businessperson Expo – Chicago, IL

The American Businessperson Expo is Chicagoland’s Largest weekend business event where thousands of professionals will attend to network and leverage business and social connections, learn valuable business strategies for growth and expansion, discover cutting-edge marketing and technology advancements to enhance your sales and exposure in today’s fast-paced, no-room-for-error economy. Whether you are an tenured businessperson, a new company or independent sales producer, or have always dreamed of starting your own business, this is THE event you need to attend!!! Find out new ways to capture business and increase sales for any business model or sector. You will learn from companies and success coaches that have weathered the economic storm and the secrets they share to help make your business thrive in our new economy. The last few years in our economy have changed the way almost every company needs to do business and you need to learn current ways of generating leads, maintaining client relationships, social media advantages, and where/how to manage your time and resources effectively in today’s economy. There are over 1 million businesses servicing the Chicago market. Chicago’s Who’s Who in Business will be here and you need to take advantage of this opportunity.


“We’ve gathered an incredible group of speakers! Not only will they inspire and motivate you, they will offer practical tools and systems that can give you that breakthrough you have been waiting for. Normally, it would cost you thousands of dollars to attend any of these speakers’ seminars, but now for a modest investment, you will have access to life-changing information.

Come for the great content… And stay for the amazing people in attendance! Every night at the conference will be a FUN experience! Whatever you have planned for the weekend of May 18 – 20 in Chicago, this would be the time to change it and make your plans to attend this breakthrough experience!” – Bill Walsh®


Thousands of Professionals will be in Attendance at the Expo and Conference.
See over a hundred Exhibitors ready to service all your business needs!!!


-Banks & Financial Institutions                        -Increase their business
-Financial Planners and Private Funds              -Invest in their business education
-Insurance Companies and Retirement             -Find new investment opportunities
-Staffing and Temp Firms                                -Seek professional advice
-IT and Software Firms                                    -Start a business
-Telecommunication Systems                         -Increase sales
-Logistics Companies                                    -Access funding sources
-Credit Card and Payroll Companies                -Protect their wealth and assets
-Attorneys and Accounting Firms                    -Ancillary income opportunities
-Lead generating companies                           -Develop Branding Ideas
-Printers and Publishers                                 -Effectively manage their business
-Office Supply and Cleaning Companies          -See what the competition is doing
-Advertising Agencies and Media                     -Scout new Vendors
-Marketing and PR Firms                                -Compare current Vendors
-Product and Service Professionals                  -Find new investment partners
-Best Selling Authors                                      -Adapt in the new economy
-Business Coaches and Consultants                -Improve their standard of living
-Franchise Consultants                                   -Improve their marketing mix
-E-Commerce Consultants                              -Lower their cost of doing business
-Outsourcing Companies                                -Develop new business strategies
-Storage and Document Services                    -VIP Networking


Guest speakers will be educating you throughout both days in the Grand Conference Hall.
Listen and educate your business, sales, and marketing mind with such speakers as:

Bill Walsh®: CEO of Powerteam International
Visit: Bill Walsh
-How to get Funding for your Business
-Turn your Passion into Immediate Cash Flow
-Step into your Vision and Dominate your Marketplace
-How to Connect & do Business with Millionaires
-Secrets to Building a Million Dollar Business

Michael E. Gerber: World’s #1 Small Business Guru
Visit: Michael Gerber
-Has helped tens of thousands of small business owners
-Leads business start-up incubator, The Dreaming Room®
-Authored “Awakening The Entrepreneur Within”
-Authored “The E-Myth”

Tom Ziglar: CEO of Ziglar, Inc. and proud son of Zig Ziglar
Visit: Tom Ziglar
-Teaches business owners The Wheel of Life
-Innovative Leadership Skills
-The Ziglar Cycle of Success
-Motivation from the Father that Started Motivational Speaking
-World renowned Business Strategies

Howard Partridge: 7 Secrets of a Phenomenal Life
Visit: Howard Partridge
-Builds multimillion dollar enterprises
-Helps businesses Dramatically Improve their bottom line
-Leadership and Motivation at its finest

Jimmy Z” Zawiski: Communication & Empowerment Expert
-Utilize the 4 Abilities that accelerate performance immediately
-Accurately diagnose performance issues & resolve them
-Develop “Sensory Acuity” to have more influence and rapport
-Increase Sales & Leadership Performance Immediately

J.D. Gershbein: Social Media Guru
Visit: JD
-LinkedIn’s Pioneer Educator
-Learn how to use Social Media Effectively
-Manage Social Capital and Strategies
-Globally Acclaimed

Jackie Camacho Ruiz: Make it Happen Director
Visit: Jackie Camacho Ruiz
-Marketing and PR expert
-Celebrated Author
-Learn how to Brand your Product
-Learn PR in today’s technology

Greg Cox: Dale Carnegie President & COO
Visit: Greg Cox
-#1 Sales Leader Worldwide
-Increase Sales
-The How To in this economy
-Understand Sales Cultures

Robert M. Mallo: Mastermind Advisory Founder
Visit: Bob Mallo
-Increase your business revenue
-Dramatically improve operations
-Strategic growth
-Enhance value proposition



FRIDAY NIGHT FORUM 7pm to 9pm, open panel discussion with some of our keynote speakers… No Fee for entry and everyone who attends will leave with a gift bag!! Listen to panelists as they debate pertinent business topics. Register now for the Friday Night Forum panel discussion while it’s still free by clicking the Early Bird Ticket Button today.

The VIP Networking Party:

Saturday, May 19th, 8pm-10pm in The Grand Ballroom
-Join the exclusive list of VIP business networking
-This is where the big business deals take place
-If you’re serious about networking, you must attend this exclusive event
-Must be a business owner, independent, or executive to attend
-Meet guest speakers, keynotes, and best-selling authors
-all inclusive champagne and hors d’oeuvres
-personal invitation and follow-up with registration
-exclusive to the first 300 guests who qualify themselves as VIP status


The Donald E. Stephens Convention Center: 5555 N. River Rd. Rosemont, Illinois


Friday May 18th 7PM – 9PM VIP Networking & Speaker Panel Discussion

Saturday May 19th and Sunday May 20th, 10am to 5pm each day

Who: Business Owners, Independents, Sales Teams, and People with a Vision

Why: Learn, Network, and Grow your business, sales, and brand in today’s “New” Economy


$95.00 at the door OR $35.00 Online Now

Purchase tickets:

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