Spring Social Kick-Off Party

The eALLIANCE is an Organization of Professionals that are committed to helping Entrepreneurs connect with industry leaders in creating business success! Monthly Events are being planned around the country for business professionals to attend to learn from leaders precisely what it takes to manifest powerful ideas and connections that are necessary to create success!

The next event will be held at the:

Alumni Club
Schaumburg, IL 60173

Tue, April 7, 7pm – 9pm

(847) 397-3100

Come to the Spring Social Kick-Off Party!

Its free to get in and they have great drink specials.

Bring your business card and lets network.



Bill Walsh

Business Coach/Venture Capitalist




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Millionaire Blueprint Dinner in Las Vegas

I am speaking today in fabulous Las Vegas at Millionaire Blueprint Dinner.
My good friend Robert Moore invited me and my guests to spend an evening at his estate.

We will talk about:

How to Access Business Capital
10 Tips for Online/Offline Marketing
3 Ways to Build an E-commerce Cash Machine
5 Ways to Get Even More Organized
Next Generation Venture Capital Funding
5 Concepts to Double Your Revenue
Laws of Attraction & Millionaire Mindset

Bonus Session:
Learn About the Hottest New
Career Opportunities

More info:


Bill Walsh

Business Coach/Venture Capitalist




Bill Walsh on FaceBook.com

WIN University Event in Atlantis, Bahamas


The Wealth Inspiration Network (WIN) University Program is designed to assist entrepreneurs in creating success in every area of one’s life!

Imagine a breakthrough organization that will challenge you at the highest level to realize your potential and become the person you envision!

“The combination of the right
education and ultimate mentors
combined with the right action plan,
is the secret balance.”

Residual Secrets that are only kept for the Ultra-Wealthy will be revealed to the Inner Circle Participants at the WIN University.

WIN combines a series of 12 programs delivered via Audio, Webinars and Live Inner Circle Events! At these events, you have the power to change your world and connect with some of the most brilliant minds that will empower your life to greatness!



Bill Walsh

Business Coach/Venture Capitalist




Bill Walsh on FaceBook.com

Bill Walsh: Renowned Professional Speaker, Marketing Expert and International Entrepreneur

Bill Walsh – President & CEO
Powerteam International

  • World Renowned Speaker

  • Successful Entrepreneur

  • Marketing Expert

  • Radio, Internet and Television Celebrity

a renowned professional speaker,
Marketing Expert and International
Entrepreneur, Bill Walsh has risen to
national prominence by delivering a high
energy message which tells people how to
change their lives by focusing on the
ability to obtain greatness from within
and live up to their potential. He
educates people by sharing stories and
insightful dynamic messaging. It is a
message Bill Walsh has learned from his
own life and one he is helping others
apply to their lives.

into a middle class family in the South
Side of Chicago, IL. Bill with his two
brothers and two sisters lived with
parents that educated them that hard
work and good education would be the
secret to success. After spending time
with entrepreneurs during his adolescent
years, Bill decided not to follow the
hoodlums and instead became actively
involved in sports including racing moto-cross
around the country. At the age of 12 he
realized he wanted to be an
entrepreneur. Bill attended a catholic
high school in Chicago, where he learned
respect and received a great education.
In High School he always tried to help
people that others would pick on –
because of that his peers looked to him
for leadership and direction.

Passion to
Learn and His Quest for Greatness Bill
attended Loyola University beyond high
school, but with persistence and
determination by the age of 21 while
still attending college full-time he was
already a floor-trader in Chicago buying
and selling millions of dollars in
foreign currency on a daily basis. He
moved from the trading floor to building
a multi-million dollar real estate
portfolio throughout the Chicago land
area only to realize that his true
calling was success coaching & business
development. He has continued a process
of unending self-education which has
distinguished him as an authority on
empowering entrepreneurs to achieve
greatness! His passion to learn and his
daily method of operation of focus and
coaching others has helped him to
achieve greatness. Bill is considered to
be one of top10 marketing experts in the
direct sales industry. His fundamentals
and consistent work ethic combined with
his down to earth style makes him a
keynote speaker that inspires audiences
around the world.

In 1996,
Bill entered the public speaking arena
on a full-time basis and formed his own
company. Powerteam International LLC is
his company that provides Internet
Learning programs, motivational tapes
and materials, workshops, and
personal/professional development
programs aimed at individuals,
companies, and organizations. required
to create success. The Empowerment of
one’s future, Bill say’s is based on
one’s ability to take ownership to

You can arrange for Bill to speak at your event by calling our toll free number
1-866-238-5920 or visit: www.WalshLive.com

Fee is $15,000 for one hour plus expenses.

Ready for Success?

Bill has personally
coached thousands of people to become more successful in
their business and personal life over the past 20 years.
Now, Bill is excited about traveling around the world
inspiring, educating and motivating people to live exceptional lives.

Bill can
be booked to inspire and motivate your group for better performance and
improved profits. He will share practical real-world methods and tools
that successful organizations are using to win big in a tough economy.

Our team is dedicated to providing high
quality consulting combined with immediate action plans for emerging
companies in the direct sales industry. Our programs include in depth
corporate analysis in several areas including operations, legal,
marketing plus international expansion. Our new Successfolio product
and Rainmaker Summit are changing the outlook for business owners
around the world.WIN University is an annual coaching program for those
who want to live life at the highest level.

Bill Walsh
Business Coach and Venture Capitalist

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