Win tickets to see The Eagles with special guests The Dixie Chicks and Keith Urban!

Powerteam International, the nation’s leading business coaching and venture capitalist firm, has some exciting news to share!

We are unveiling a brand new Success Center at 1251 Plum Grove Rd in Schaumburg Illinois. This incredible site has 4,177 square feet with a meeting space of over 1,500 square feet! Not only will we be able to hold our diverse events here but we now have the space for our vast database of business associates and marketing consultants to feel at home as they use our space as we help each other continue to grow and develop. The new Success Center will improve our extensive plan to become even more of an encouraging force in the development and prosperity of the businesses we coach. We are so eager to expand into this new training facility; we cannot wait to share it with everyone!

Please join us and Lisa Dent from US99.5 on Friday June 18th, from 7-9pm for a chance to win tickets to see The Eagles with special guests The Dixie Chicks and Keith Urban!

Everyone that attends on June 18th will receive:

FREE 30-minute coaching session

FREE tickets to the Ultimate Success Camp on June 28th and 29th.

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We cannot wait to see you out there!


Bill Walsh

Business Coach/Venture Capitalist


Les Brown coming to the Rainmaker Summit in Schaumburg, IL

Les Brown- Motivational Speaker, Speech Coach & Best Selling Author

Les Brown is a top Motivational Speaker, Speech Coach, and Best-Selling Author, loving father and grandfather, whose passion is empowering youth and helping them have a larger vision for their lives.

Les Brown’s straight-from-the-heart, high-energy, passionate message motivates and engages all audiences to step into their greatness, providing them with the motivation to take the next step toward living their dream. Les Brown’s charisma, warmth and sense of humor have impacted many lives.

Les Brown’s life itself is a true testament to the power of positive thinking and the infinite human potential. Leslie C. Brown was born on February 17, 1945, in an abandoned building on a floor in Liberty City, a low-income section of Miami, Florida, and adopted at six weeks of age by Mrs. Mamie Brown, a 38 year old single woman, cafeteria cook and domestic worker, who had very little education or financial means, but a very big heart and the desire to care for Les Brown and his twin brother, Wesley Brown. Les Brown calls himself “Mrs. Mamie Brown’s Baby Boy” and claims “All that I am and all that I ever hoped to be, I owe to my mother”.

In the fifth grade, Les Brown was mistakenly declared “educably mentally retarded” and placed back in the fourth grade and later failed the eight grade, due to his inattention to school work, his restless energy, and his teachers’ failure to recognize his true potential. He was referred to as “D .T.” for “Dumb Twin”. The label and stigma severely damaged his self-esteem for many years. Mamie Brown’s believe in her son’s ability to achieve whatever he set his mind to achieving made a difference in his life. “Her strength and character are my greatest inspiration, always have been and always will be.”

Les Brown’s determination and persistence searching for ways to help Mamie Brown overcome poverty and his philosophy “do whatever it takes to achieve success” led him to become a distinguished authority on harnessing human potential and success. Les Brown’s passion to learn and his hunger to realize greatness in himself and others helped him to achieve greatness in spite of not having formal education or training beyond high school.

“My mission is to get a message out that will help people become uncomfortable with their mediocrity. A lot of people are content with their discontent. I want to be the catalyst that enables them to see themselves having more and achieving more.”

Les moved to Detroit and rented an office with an attorney, where he slept on the floor and welcomed his reality stating that he did not even want a blanket or pallet on the cold, hard floor to keep him motivated to strive. In 1986, Les entered the public speaking arena on a full-time basis and formed his own company, Les Brown Enterprises, Inc..

In 1989, Les Brown was the recipient of the National Speakers Association’s highest honor: the Council of Peers Award of Excellence.

In 1990, Les Brown recorded his first in a series of speech presentations for the Public Broadcasting System.

In 1991, the program entitled “You Deserve” with Les Brown, was awarded a Chicago-area Emmy and became the leading fund-raising program of its kind for pledges to PBS stations nationwide.

In 1992, he was selected as one of the year’s Top Five Outstanding Speakers by members of Toastmasters International.

He has also been honored at the International Convention of the National Speaker’s Association with the organization’s most prestigious award for excellence in the field of communication and leadership: The Golden Gavel.

Les Brown rose from a hip-talking morning DJ to broadcast manager; from community activist to community leader; from political commentator to three-term State legislator in Ohio; and from a banquet and nightclub emcee to premier Keynote Speaker for audiences as big as 80,000 people, including Fortune 500 companies and organizations all over the world.

As a caring and dedicated Speech Coach, Les Brown has coached and trained numerous successful young speakers all over the nation.

Les Brown is also the author of the highly acclaimed and successful books, “Live Your Dreams” and “It’s Not Over Until You Win”, and former host of The Les Brown Show, a nationally syndicated daily television talk show which focused on solutions and not on problems.

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The Rainmaker Summit is the Ultimate Breakthrough Experience for business owners and entrepreneurs! At Rainmaker you will reignite your passion, become laser focused and design your 2 year success plan! Come and discover proven systems and accountability programs specifically designed to increase your revenue! You will learn how to connect with millionaires, network with other brilliant people and tap into your unconscious competence to take 100% ownership in creating your Mega-Success in the future!

Rainmaker Summit Includes:

• 2 ½ Day Breakthrough Experience
• 2 Year Success Plan
• Increased Productivity
• Money Making Website
• Acquiring Business Capital
• Professional Business Coaching
• Great Networking Opportunities
• Social Media Strategies
• Your 2 Minute Presentation
• Connect With Millionaires
• Business Marketing System
• Laser Focused Vision
• Get Super Organized
• Make More Money
• Have More Time
• Live Your Passion
• Access to Powerteam Resource Center
• Access to Global Rainmaker Community

“Thank you again Powerteam International for your advice and guidance. I’m using your direction to change my direction.” Brian Tracy – Author of Million Dollar Habits

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June 25-27 2010


Hyatt Place Schaumburg


1851 McConnor Parkway
Schaumburg, IL

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Social Media Special!!!

The price for one person is $2,997 and does not include the Successfolio System which is sold separately for $997. For a limited time, you can receive a special discounted price which includes one guest for free which can be your spouse or a business partner. Besides that, we allow any children from age 12 to 18 to attend for free and anyone actively serving in the military can also come at no extra cost.

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Bill Walsh

Business Coach/Venture Capitalist


Money, Passion and Purpose 2010 Conference


• Are you still waiting for your big break?    
• Are you still waiting for your own government bailout?
• Your very own piece of the $700 billion dollar “handout”?
• Sorry to report this, but you are going to be waiting a very long time.
• But you probably already knew that.
• We have to make our own breaks in life right now.
• Learn the rules of the money game.
• The fundamental principles that apply ALL of the time!
• Discover how to harness your passion and purpose to define your financial future.
• Learn to THRIVE Right Now, not just survive, in this or any “economy”!

Over TWO Incredible Days in June in ATLANTA , GEORGIA Your Financial Life Could Change FOREVER!

Dedicate 2 days of your life to learn from these hand selected TOP FINANCIAL AND BUSINESS EXPERTS AND COACHES!


Bill Walsh is the CEO/Founder of Business Coaching/Venture Capital firm Powerteam International. Bill hosts events all over the world presenting with Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, T. Harv Ecker, Stephen Pierce, Mike Lathigee and several other well-respected authors, speakers and business coaches. He delivers a message of transformation and practical applications through life stories that empower people to understand specifically what it takes to build successful companies. As an accomplished author, speaker, radio personality and movie celebrity, Bill has the background to connect instantly with the audience by sharing the mindset, methods and systems required to win really big in the current economy! 

For everyone that owns a business or would like to capitalize the entrepreneurial dream his message will enlighten them with knowledge and action principles to turn that passion into success! Bill has an extensive background in foreign currency trading, real estate development and building business in more than 30 countries. Over the past decade, his firm has specialized in helping companies launch, grow and create exponential valuation in the market. The Rainmaker Summit and WIN University programs offered through Powerteam are designed to assist entrepreneurs in creating the focus, plans and partnerships required to build multi-million dollar companies!


“You can easily create the life you deserve.” – Mark Victor Hansen

You may know Mark as “that Chicken Soup for the Soul guy


Established as a cultural icon in 1990, Mark and his business partner Jack Canfield created what Time magazine called, “the publishing phenomenon of the decade,” with over 110 million Chicken Soup for the Soul books sold worldwide – one of the most successful publishing franchises of all time.

Best Sellers

While the Chicken Soup series has achieved phenomenal success, Mark’s other bestselling books include The One Minute Millionaire, Cracking the Millionaire Code, How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life, The Aladdin Factor, Dare to Win and The Power of Focus.  Mark has recently written Richest Kids in America and You Have a Book in You.  He has also co-written Cash in a Flash with Robert G. Allen. Mark has also developed an extensive library of audio and video programs in the areas of big thinking, sales achievement, publishing success and personal and professional development.


Through his library of audios, videos, and articles in the areas of big thinking, sales achievement, wealth building, publishing success and personal and professional development, Mark continues to create a profound influence.

Coaching and teaching aspiring authors, speakers and experts on building lucrative publishing and speaking careers through his MEGA seminar series, Mark produces top-notch, results oriented annual conferences.

Recipient of numerous awards honoring his entrepreneurial spirit, philanthropic heart and business acumen Mark was inducted into the Sales & Marketing Executive International Hall of Fame and accepted the Horatio Alger Award for extraordinary life achievement in the area of free enterprise leadership.

Philanthropist & Humanitarian

Working tirelessly for organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross, March of Dimes and Childhelp USA and establishing his own foundation dedicated to literacy as a means to end poverty, Mark firmly believes that giving back is paramount to his own personal happiness and success. He is proud to be the recipient of the Visional Philanthropist for Youth Award by Covenant House of California (2004) among others


Since launching his first business in 2005 when he was just twenty-one, Anthony Morrison’s career has expanded exponentially. A self-taught Internet mogul, Morrison devised a one-man business operation while attending college full-time. The success of that venture saved his family’s fortunes, and from there Morrison proceeded to devise a systematic approach to entrepreneurial success and used it to develop another eleven companies, all of which have been highly profitable.

Raised along with his brother and sister in Mississippi by Roger and Sheila Morrison, young Anthony grew up in a family that encouraged intellectual curiosity, empathy for others and healthy self-esteem. Always independent and assertive, Anthony gave his parents a glimpse of his potential when, at the age of seven, he decided he wanted a Jacuzzi. Told by his mother that he would have to work to earn it, Anthony sold candy bars door-to-door until he had earned the money for the Jacuzzi. One year later, at age eight, he set his sights on buying his father a motorcycle and did just that, enlisting his siblings in the effort.

Other successful part-time ventures followed, setting a pattern for his later life: find something you enjoy, learn as much about that subject as possible, and pursue your goals with single-minded enthusiasm. Whether it was selling baseball cards or customizing his prize Mustang, Anthony showed a predilection for achieving his goals and creating avenues to achieve them more efficiently and profitably. Without realizing it, he was creating the blueprint for his later success.

When financial ruin threatened his family, Anthony expanded upon a business he’d had as a teen and established his first company, Cool Blue Performance. Within one year he was working with every parts supplier in the industry; the following year he began manufacturing his own parts and dominating the industry.

Since then Anthony Morrison has started eleven additional companies, created a charity, Christmas For Kids, and now operates one of the most successful seminar tours in the United States. Anthony not only teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to succeed in business, he helps them start their first business and provides one-on-one instruction.

The year 2008 saw Anthony expanding into the world of publishing with his first book, The Hidden Millionaire: Twelve Principles to Uncovering the Entrepreneur in You. Part memoir, part inspirational tale and part instructional tome, The Hidden Millionaire brings Anthony Morrison’s template for success to an entire new audience. With his book in the hands of thousands of people around the country Anthony hopes to share his story and inspire, motivate, and empower everyone who reads it to create their own success story.

In 2009 Anthony wrote his second book, Advertising Profits From Home, in an effort to teach people around the country how to use his techniques and strategies to create a successful online marketing campaign. Anthony has created a blueprint for a successful marketing campaign and platform for affiliate marketers around the world, and he shares these secrets in his new book. Anthony filmed a TV show with Mark Victor Hansen, C0-Author of The Chicken Soup Series, to promote his new book on a national level. The show is currently airing nationwide.

Today, Anthony Morrison travels the country sharing his story and teaching his skills to budding entrepreneurs. He is at home in Mississippi, where he was born and raised, and he remains close to the loving family and friends who supported him in his ascent to entrepreneurial greatness.


Crystal has combined these principles and tools with her education and expertise in advanced Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching to create a unique system of transformation.   She has a burning desire to share these tools with as many people as she can reach.  Not only has she helped thousands understand how their own subconscious thought systems are what create havoc in their lives and prevent them from experiencing their greatest happiness and success;  her system successfully  guides people to purge their “Messy Thinking” forever and to create a life they love.

Crystal is certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy, Member of the International Coaching Federation, and Certified by the Chopra Center of Well-Being as a Meditation Instructor.  Through Crystal’s Personal Coaching, Speaking, CD programs, Video’s, Books, and articles- people all over the world have experienced profound and lasting transformation in relationships, career, health & wellness.


Creator and #1 Best-Selling Author of..’Conversations With Millionaires’ as well as ‘Millionaire Money Formula’, Success Story on ‘Creating Wealth’ TV Infomercial. During incredible success with his books and international speaking, Jason suffered a brain aneurism and was given little chance of survival. His incredible story of success,determination and perserverance is an inspiration to everyone that meets him! His purpose and passion is helping people take their financial lives to the next level. Because from his experience, when you relieve the financial stress in one’s life they can grow and evolve MUCH faster! And the more people grow and evolve, the better the world is for everyone!


Gina Gaudio-Graves is the founder and CEO of The Abundance Group, LLC, the parent company of Directions University.
She is the Dean & Founder of Directions University. (“Directions University” is formerly “The IM University”)

Online, most people know her as “The JV Queen”, a title she earned by organizing some of the most successful product launches on the internet, for some of the internet’s biggest names such as Shawn Casey, Willie Crawford, Russel Brunson, David Garfinkel, Henry Gold, Holly Cotter, and many others.

Gina began her career online in 1996 after a disabling car accident left her unable to continue her career as a litigator. When the accident left her unable to get out of a hospital bed or wheelchair for almost 10 years, she turned to the internet as a way to fill her days and afford her mounting medical bills.

She’s been full time online ever since!

Today, through Directions University, Gina is a coach, mentor, and consultant to entrepreneurs looking to build a business using the power of the internet. Whether the internet is the business owner’s only presence or their secondary presence, Gina’s information products and coaching programs show entrepreneurs how to get bigger results, faster, while living the life of their dreams and focus on her areas of expertise including:

* Mindset
* Strategic Planning for your Online Business Presence
* Product Creation and Planning
* Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances
* Strategic Traffic Generation
* Strategic List Building
* Web 2.0
* Blogging
* and many other aspects of building a business using the power of the internet.

Gina’s mission is to help 1,000,000 entrepreneurs learn to live the life of their dreams through owning their own business, by 2013.






Mike has created several innovative software programs, such as Shopping Carts, Auto Responder, Content Management Systems and Social Networks, but if you ask him, he will tell you he is a Marketer first and is happiest when helping others achieve success.


When Mike found out Twitter had a ranking system, he set out to crack the code. And crack it he did. Mike has been ranked as high as #2 in the world on Twitter and Twitter Elite, and maintained top 20 rankings for months on end. He has helped many people use Twitter more effectively through his on line TV show and training videos.


Although he can’t talk much about it, today Mike is most proud of his association with Article Cartel, a system that helps websites dominate the Search Engines. He is one of the select few people in the world that actually knows David “The Boss Man” Cabrini. He is Honorary Master Council for the Cartel and was present at the Conception.


As long as there is no recording, Mike may actually share some of the Cartel Secrets. Definitively showing once and for all, why everyone needs to implement Article Marketing, and how with the help of The Article Cartel you can even place Videos, Optin Boxes, Buy Buttons, and Links (even Affiliate Links) right in your Articles.


Mike says, “It’s all about the rankings, get ranked high in the Search Engines and you Will Be successful. Now with 1.5 Million unique visitors per month and 4000 web sites, Article Cartel makes it EASY and SIMPLE to dominate the Search Engines.


He has also been a #1 Best Seller with Co-Authors; Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Randy E. Smith, and Mark Victor Hanson.


Karen Hoyos is one of the most recognized success coaches and speakers. Applying the principles she teaches, in only ten months her message has reached over 40 million people through her seminars, top television show appearances, published articles, and best-selling products. This Colombian native is the president of Karen Hoyos International®, revenues from which help support her foundation for abused children in Latin America and Africa “Kids for a New Planet.”

Karen is the author of well known seminars such as “Creating an Abundant Life” and “Live your Dreams and Attract Wealth.” Such teachings have benefited thousands of people at an International level as well as enterprises specializing in finances, sales, network marketing, investments, medicine and any groups committed to reaching extraordinary results.

Karen Hoyos collaborates with the U.N. (United Nations), expanding the message of hope and transformation to the World. She is the creator of the outstanding audio, “7 Steps to Reach Success” and co-author of the book, “Thank God I…” delivering her message of contribution, action and results.


Cathy Hankinson is CEO/ Founder of 10 Second IMPACT Inc. and Creator of The Money IMPACT Game. She not only has a passion for helping people, she is a powerful results driven leader and highly effective speaker. For nearly two decades, she developed expertise as an image consultant expanding her support beyond style and color into leading people to discover their powerful, authentic presence. Her clients utilize their personal brand to attract more opportunities and gain higher results. Cathy is a graduate of the esteemed London Image Institute, and a member of the prestigious trade association, Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Long considered to be a make-over expert, Cathy has helped many men and women define and project their very best image, from head-to-toe and inside out to achieve their personal and business goals.

10 Second IMPACT gives individuals the insights and tools to build their personal brand. Our holistic approach brings the internal and the external together so that our clients can build their businesses, earn more money and achieve greater personal success.

The letters in IMPACT form an acronym. They stand for Image, Money, Purpose, Attitude, Communication and Total Health. These are the building blocks of a personal
brand. These are the elements that establish “presence.” These are the drivers of personal excellence. These are the components of our training programs, workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions. We’ve seen first-hand the results our clients have achieved through an improved image, and a polished personal brand. That’s why we are launching our DVD-training program and new book, Own the Room in 10 Seconds or Less

In addition to her extensive sales experience spanning 25 years as a top individual performer, she has mastered the ability to quickly duplicate and develop large teams of high-performing salespeople. Her refined management, training, and coaching skills compliment her practical experience as a successful entrepreneur and business owner. Working as a licensed agent in financial services for several years, she enjoys educating families and individuals to build sound financial futures. It is this experience that led Cathy to create The Money IMPACT Game to teach individuals the basic principles of money and building a sound financial foundation.



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Holiday Inn Select Perimeter/Dunwoody


4386 Chamblee Dunwoody Road, Atlanta, GA



Bill Walsh

Business Coach/Venture Capitalist







Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from Bill Walsh.

Saint Patrick’s Day (Irish: Lá Fhéile Pádraig) is a yearly holiday celebrated on 17 March. It is named after Saint Patrick (circa AD 387–461), the most commonly recognized of the patron saints of Ireland. It began as a purely Catholic holiday and became an official feast day in the early 1600s. However, it has gradually become more of a secular celebration of Ireland’s culture.

It is a public holiday on the island of Ireland (both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland) and widely celebrated by the Irish diaspora in places such as Great Britain, Canada, the United States, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, and Montserrat.

Saint Patrick’s Day is widely celebrated in America by Irish and non-Irish alike. Many people, regardless of ethnic background, wear green-coloured clothing and items. Traditionally, those who are caught not wearing green are pinched affectionately.

Seattle and other cities paint the traffic stripe of their parade routes green. Chicago dyes its river green and has done so since 1962 when sewer workers used green dye to check for sewer discharges and had the idea to turn the river green for Saint Patrick’s Day. Originally 100 pounds of vegetable dye was used to turn the river green for a whole week but now only forty pounds of dye is used and the colour only lasts for several hours. Indianapolis also dyes its main canal green. Savannah dyes its downtown city fountains green. Missouri University of Science and Technology – St Pat’s Board Alumni paint 12 city blocks kelly green with mops before the annual parade. In Jamestown, New York, the Chadakoin River (a small tributary that connects Conewango Creek with its source at Chautauqua Lake) is dyed green each year.

Click here to see the full article on Wikipedia.

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Bill Walsh

Business Coach/Venture Capitalist

Bill Walsh on

Season’s Greetings

Wishing you…

Every happiness this Holiday Season and prosperity in the New Year. Thank you for being our customer. We look forward to continuing our relationship in the coming year. Customers are the priceless part of everyone’s business! I would like to personally thank you for participating in our Vision to Wealth, Rainmaker Summit’s and WIN University events!

Make 2010 your best year ever!

To your continued success,

Bill Walsh

2010 USP Challenge

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All the best to you and your family.

Bill Walsh

Business Coach/Venture Capitalist

Bill Walsh on

Healthy Lifestyle Association

Dr. Robert Goldman

Dr. Robert M. Goldman MD, PhD, DO, FAASP has spearheaded the development of numerous international medical organizations and corporations. Dr. Goldman has served as a Senior Fellow at the Lincoln Filene Center, Tufts University; as an Affiliate at the Philosophy of Education Research Center, Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, He is Clinical Consultant, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Korea Medical University; and Professor, Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Central America Health Sciences, Department of Internal Medicine. Dr. Goldman holds the positions of Visiting Professor, Udayana University School of Medicine, Indonesia; Visiting Professor, Huazhong University of Science & Technology Tong Ji Medical School, China; Visiting Professor, The Wuhan Institute of Science & Technology, China; and Visiting Professor at Hainan Medical College, China. Dr. Goldman is a Fellow of the American Academy of Sports Physicians and a Board Diplomat in Sports Medicine and Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Goldman is a Fellow of the American Academy of Sports Physicians and a Board Diplomat in Sports Medicine and Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dr. Ronald Klatz

Dr. Ronald Klatz , who coined the term “anti-aging medicine,” is recognized as a leading authority in the new clinical science of anti-aging medicine. Since 1981, Dr. Klatz has been integral in the pioneering exploration of new therapies for the treatment and prevention of age-related degenerative diseases. He is the physician founder and President of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Inc. (“A4M”), a non-profit medical organization dedicated to the advancement of technology to detect, prevent, and treat aging related disease and to promote research into methods to retard and optimize the human aging process. As a world-renowned expert in anti-aging medicine, Dr. Klatz is a popular lecturer at A4M sponsored/co-supported events in anti-aging medicine. He is instrumental in the continuing development of A4M’s educational website,, with an Internet audience exceeding 500,000 viewers, for which he serves as Medical Advisor.

Bill Walsh

Bill Walsh is the CEO/Founder of Business Coaching/Venture Capital firm Powerteam International. He delivers a message of hope and inspiration combined with real life stories and strategies that empower people to understand specifically what it takes to build successful companies. As an accomplished author, speaker, radio personality and movie celebrity, Bill has the background to connect instantly with the audience by sharing the mindset, methods and systems required to win really big in today’s economy!

Bill has an extensive background in foreign currency trading, real estate development and building business in more than 30 countries. Over the past decade, his firm has specialized in helping companies launch, grow and create exponential valuation in the market. The Rainmaker Summit and WIN University programs offered through Powerteam are designed to assist entrepreneurs in creating the focus, plans and partnerships required to build multi-million dollar companies!

Bill is now committed to bringing the truth to the world about the benefits of healthy living!

New Monthly Membership.

For More Info Visit:

Bill Walsh

usiness Coach/Venture Capitalist

Bill Walsh on

W.I.N. University Scholarship Award

Vera Michaels of Long Beach, California has won a full scholarship worth $20,000 to W.I.N. University. W.I.N. University is an annual business coaching and capital funding group that meets three times per year in exotic locations with high-level entrepreneurs and investors to discuss improved methods for business success in today’s economy.

Vera Michaels is a single mother with a 14 year old adopted daughter. Until recently, she was the training manager for both technical and non-technical user of the various systems and software used by Children’s hospital of Los Angeles. She is currently seeking new opportunities.

Her goal is to provide a series of video trainings for young people from working poor families who do not have the role modeling to develop even the basic business and social skills necessary to obtain their first job. Skills like handshaking, eye contact, dressing for an interview, filling out an application, writing a resume, answering interview questions using proper language, etc. These skills are fundamental for anyone to get their first job and are not taught in inner city schools or modeled in the home. Currently, trade schools are struggling to get these kids hired, not because they can’t do the job, they can’t succeed at the interview.

She would like to create a series of short online courses teaching these fundamental skills using split-screen video to show both bad and good examples side by side to illustrate the teaching point. These mini-courses need to be in Spanish as well as other languages and accessible quickly from the web. She would like to provide additional reinforcement with podcasts on each topic with checklists to help the student prepare for an interview.

Attending W.I.N. will assist her in formulating these plans and also possibly provide a source of funding or interested investors. For more information, go to  or

Happy Thanksgiving

When you have a moment over the next 24 hours – take a moment and call 3-5 people in your life that you truly love and let them know just how much they mean to you! In our lives they say you are very lucky if you have 5 true friends! Give thanks for the many blessings in your life and do not worry about the things in your life you can’t change!


Thank you for all of your continued support in having another amazing year at Powerteam International!


To your continued Success,

Bill Walsh

usiness Coach/Venture Capitalist

Bill Walsh on