Bill Walsh interviews John Chow & Paul Morris this Sunday on the Rainmaker Show

Blogger, speaker and entrepreneur. John Chow rocketed onto the blogging scene when he showed the income power of blogging by taking his blog from making zero to over $40,000 per month in just two years. And he did it working only 2 hours a day.

Today, John Chow dot Com is one of the biggest blogs on the Internet, with over 200,000 active daily readers and followers. John Chow dot Com is ranked number 16 on the AdAge Power 150 list and number 1 in the list of the Top 50 Canadian Internet Marketing Blogs. He also is the founder and CEO of TTZ Media, Inc.

John is the Author of Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul, which rocketed to #1 on within the first week of release. He has written many other books and runs one of the biggest money making blogs in the world. He has been featured in such publications as The Vancouver Sun, the Globe and Mail, the New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Ming Pao Magazine and BC Business Magazine. He has also appeared on numerous radio and television shows, like The Lab with Leo Laporte and Global Morning News.

John Chow is the 2012 Affiliate Marketing Awards winner for Best Marketing Affiliate Blog, and is the subject of a social media and blogging documentary for CBC television.

Other Interesting Facts About John Chow

  • John worked at a job for a grand total of 8 months in his entire life. After that, he concluded that “Working Sucks!” and he never did it again.
  • John registered his daughter’s domain name before he named her.
  • John was born in a small farming village in Mainland China. His family immigrated to Canada when he was 7 years old.
  • John lives the Dot Com Lifestyle by spending summers in Vancouver, Canada and winters in Orange County, California. This assures him an average year round temperature of 72F.

Paul Morris, Executive Vice President, was a founding partner with eXfuze. With over 40 years of experience, Paul is one of the top direct sales professionals in the country.  Paul began his direct sales career with Amway and quickly earned his way to the Executive Diamond position. He sold that business in 1984.  After a couple years of “retirement,” Paul rejoined the network marketing field and has never looked back.

During the past 25 years, Paul has been instrumental in taking three different start-up companies from zero to $10 million per month in sales.  With one of those companies, he set records by enrolling more than 100,000 people in less than 90 days.  He is an engaging speaker with a passion for charity work in third-world nations.  Paul recalls, “I was trying to be retired, but when I met Rick and Don, I cornered Don and told him his liquid nutritional supplement almost tasted too good.  Could this be real? It was not another juice.  It was unique, exclusive and unavailable anywhere else, and it was priced right for today’s economy.  It had the potential to become the next big marketing explosion! I just knew I had to be a part of it.”

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Bill Walsh interviews Shea Vaughn & Ashwin this Sunday on the Rainmaker Show

Shea Vaughn is a national wellness and fitness expert, master trainer and presenter, author and a recognized spokeswoman for helping others create individual and business well-being. Shea is also the founder of SheaNetics®, a doctor endorsed revolutionary lifestyle practice. Combining wellness and exercise, SheaNetics® provides a powerful mind-body experience that allows you to feel great and live well. Blending Eastern and Western values and movements, the heart of SheaNetics® are The 5 Living Principles of Well-Being – Commitment, Perseverance, Self-Control, Integrity and Love; a powerful guide to self-fulfillment. SheaNetics® continues the transformation with a self-styled approach to exercise that combines yoga, pilates, tai chi, martial arts, ballet, Tri-Core Power Training and lots more.

Ms. Vaughn is the visionary behind “Healthy Initiative”, a new philanthropic effort to raise awareness and wage war against obesity with donations going to fund wellness solutions that will help our nation’s youth live healthy lives. She is also a frequent wellness commentator for TV, radio, and print media and corporate events; has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Marilyn Denis Show and is a regularly featured health and fitness expert on Chicago’s Windy City LIVE and The Best Ever You Network. Her SheaNetics® DVD/CD Mind-Body Collection offers dynamic one-of-a-kind full body workouts and along with her new book, Shea Vaughn’s Breakthrough – The 5 Living Principles to Defeat Stress, Look Great and Find Total Well-Being, invite you to live the life you deserve!

Ms. Vaughn began her career in health and wellness as a dancer and teacher. Her certifications include yoga, pilates matt and reformer, GYROKENESIS®, AFFA, Zumba®, Bosu®, Bodypump™, Bodystep™, PTA Global, Spinning®, AEA, Cycle, Kick Boxing, additional NASM certification as a CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist) and PES (Performance Enhancing Specialist), and an Associate Degree in Applied Science.

Ashwin has conducted spiritual programs for the last 15 years in India, Africa and more recently in USA. He has also been involved in handling personalized courses for vast sections of people ranging from various walks of life, many of whom share a common vision for personal growth and transformation.

Ashwin has a deep passion and commitment for supporting and helping people discover fulfillment and happiness in their lives. He specializes in assisting others in the art of inquiry, of living a life of awareness and the joy that arises from this. His wisdom and patience has touched the lives of many people.


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Bill Walsh interviews Nik Halik & Zack Childress this Sunday on the Rainmaker Show

NIK HALIK IS THE FOUNDER AND CEO OF FINANCIAL FREEDOM INSTITUTE, Money Masters Global and co-founder of The Intelligence Group of companies. He is a global wealth strategist, successful entrepreneur, international speaker, astronaut, high adrenalin adventurer and best-selling author. Nik Halik became a multi-millionaire and amassed great wealth through savvy investments in property and the stock market in his late 20s. His group of companies have financially educated and life coached over 300,000 individuals globally. He is the real deal, creating millionaire clients across the globe.

Not only is Nik a successful entrepreneur, but he is also an avid, thrill seeking adventurer. Among his various expeditions, he was one of the first explorers to dive down five miles and land on the bow of the Titanic. He has summited the highest mountains in the world and was one of the privileged select explorers in the world to view the curvature of the earth from the edge of space. He is the very first flight-qualified and certified civilian astronaut from Australia and is also set to become the first ever Australian and private space explorer to rocket to outer space and live on Earth’s only manned outpost in orbit, the International Space Station.

He currently resides in Hollywood, California and amongst his private homes in the Greek Islands, Morocco and Australia.

Zack Childressis a 33-year-old Real Estate Investor; who holds a million dollars of real estate and had done this in a very short time. He is not only a investment guru, but a family man as well – with a beautiful wife and a newborn girl in his Huntsville Alabama home. Zack knows how to run a business from experience and perseverance; and those two provide the key combination to unlocking your financial freedom, by learning through him.

The president of Landmark Property Investments, Inc.; Zack Childress has a widely divers background. Zack was a highly successful business developer in the corporate world of commodities. He realized that he no longer wanted to be dictated his worth; therefore, he sought out to start his own business investing in real estate. Additionally, he became CFL broker brokering loans in California.

He started investing in real estate 13 years ago in Florida. Like most people he wanted to know more about the secrets to real estate investing and how the full-time investors were able to quite their jobs to invest full-time. He set out on a mission learning everything he could about real estate investing.

He spent the last 3 years of his full-time investing career creating automated systems that would give him and his wife their time back. Now their real estate investing company can run itself, and they can do whatever they want whenever they want. He took all the education he learned over the past 13 years and brought it into the 21st century.

Zack made investing in Real Estate so easy that now anyone can invest anywhere they have a computer and phone. He knew he had to be focused on marketing and getting as many leads as possible coming into his systems; therefore, he could keep the deals he wanted to buy and wholesale the rest to other investors. He was focused on automating all phases of his real estate business.

Zack has sat on the circuit of several national title companies teaching real estate professionals the process of short sales. He sits on the board of a local REIA club in Vacaville, CA and now owns one in Madison, AL, and he offers his expertise and knowledge in real estate by holding monthly classes on the basics of real estate investing. Zack has been traveling the country speaking at REIA clubs and conventions with other real estate professionals on the topics of wealth building and automated wholesaling systems. Zack also has been mentoring a select few investors around the country on his inside secrets of running a Automated Virtual Real Estate Business and how to create a Virtual ATM.


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Bill Walsh interviews Barry Donalson & Jenna Brooke this Sunday on the Rainmaker Show

For more than 22 years, Barry Donalson has been helping turn entrepreneurs self-limiting beliefs into self-fulfilling breakthroughs to achieve their dreams.

His motivational story and training systems have inspired millions around the world. Barry has produced leaders from around the world.

This compelling journey of triumph over fear, self-doubt, and humble beginnings uniquely qualifies him as an undisputed expert in the arena of peak performance and extraordinary human achievement. His story and the way he shares it, demonstrates the true power of the mind over outside circumstances. Barry will captivate your audience through his unique and memorable personal stories, teaching them the lessons learned from his in-the-trenches experiences in direct selling and networking, as an entrepreneur, and in life. He will help your team see how they can transform challenge into choices, obstacles into opportunity, and tragedy into triumph. Barry Donalson is considered by many to be the preeminent expert on direct selling and professional networking in the world today. He is a true industry icon, having touched millions through live programs in more than five countries, and reaching every corner of the globe through his online seminars and coaching program. Barry’s presentations are more than “rah-rah” rallies. These dynamic and compelling methods and techniques will provide both the motivation and the strategies to recruit faster, prospect easier, and produce more sales, giving your team a quantum leap in productivity and performance. Barry Donalson is a hands-on practical facilitator, who has personally built sales organizations of over 200,000 representatives. Barry teaches entrepreneurs how their business can either become a “house of mirrors” or a dynamic and profitable business center that can pay them for years to come. He brings over 22 years of experience in professional & personal development, representative prospecting, “real retailing”, compensation plan progression, leadership development, and much more. Barry also brings a wealth of knowledge and successful strategic planning to the podium. He delivers his thoughts with a high impact approach, full of anecdotes, word pictures, and compelling thoughts that ensure his audience will have an emotional embrace that they will logically follow. He delivers a message with a game plan that each attendee can begin to use immediately. Barry has trained leaders from networking companies around the world, companies such as 5LINX, TFN, Metaluca, Mennetech, Liberty League, Nu-Skin, Pre-Paid Legal, USANA, First Class

Jenna has a diverse background that spans small business management, psychology, and design. This unique knowledge base allows her look at a brand from all angles. She loves working one-on-one with clients and views her relationship with them as a partnership. She is committed to learning and understanding everything she can about her clients and their brands. It is through developing these close relationships, that she is able to guide clients through the brand creation process, shaping their visions and their futures.

Prior to founding Jenna Brooke Consulting in 2011, Jenna’s vision was to assemble a team of creative professionals that were passionate and fabulous in their own right. Jenna believed that in surrounding herself with the best talent, she could offer an unparalleled service to clients. This dream has become a reality. Jenna’s team currently consists of passionate designers, developers, illustrators, copywriters, and identity consultants. It is through partnering with outstanding talent that she is able to offer outstanding products.

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Bill Walsh interviews Henry Marsh this Sunday on the Rainmaker Show

Henry Marsh

Founder and Vice Chairman of MonaVie

Henry is a four-time U.S. Olympian in track and field. During his athletic career, he set four American records and was ranked No. 1 in the world for three years. He has consulted with the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, served as a member of the executive board for the U.S. Olympic Committee, and was a member of the board of trustees for the Salt Lake Olympic Committee during the 2002 Winter Games. While running and leaping his way through college and international sporting competitions, Henry also earned economics and law degrees that he has put into practice throughout his impressive career.

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Bill Walsh interviews Kristen White this Sunday on the Rainmaker Show

MMC, ICF member Professional Business and Life Coach, Media Coach, Author Mentor, WEB TV Video Producer, Spirituality/ Transformational Author, Thought-Leader, Speaker and Trainer, Radio Host and Intuitive Business Designer. Kristen enjoys helping entrepreneurs succeed in business and in life.

Kristen White has more than a decade of experience as an award-winning television journalist and anchor. She’s interviewed politicians, Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes and rock stars including Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Kevin Costner, Johnny Depp, Marianne Williamson and Arielle Ford. As the host of her own online radio show, Reporting Live from the Universe on Vivid Life Radio, Kristen has featured and interviewed more than 140 best-selling authors and personal growth experts.

Kristen offers consulting, training and coaching services that support your goals and put your passion into practice. Kristen White specializes in helping you unlock you authentic voice and find the crystal clear message to express your unique gifts to the world. Kristen has spent her entire life as a messenger: an author, a reporter, a correspondent, and a producer. Now it’s her heartfelt mission and joy to use her expertise to teach others how to become powerful messengers. Her passion is to support transformational authors, experts, and professionals to become magnetically attractive to the media. Kristen uses a dynamic, yet simple system to help thought-leaders and visionary entrepreneurs identify their market and then create a clear and concise message in web video content.

Kristen White has a proven track record of shifting her client’s mindset quickly and moving them from invisible to visible to become an Instant Celebrity Success. She is the co-creator of Instant Celebrity Academy and of Instant Celebrity Success System. Kristen specializes in scriptwriting, video production of multi-media books, and web TV shows. She works with you to create innovative language and concepts, brainstorm content creation and with private authentic voice message coaching.

Kristen White believes everyone has his or her own fingerprint expertise. This is the one area in their life where they excel in a way that no one else can compete. Kristen helps people connect with this zone of excellence. Several years of mediation, spiritual practice and study with master teachers has helped Kristen develop her intuition which she uses her insight on all levels of her work. Kristen White is also a Karuna Reiki Master and she trains people in energy medicine. Kristen also teaches you how to access and deepen your awareness in her Intuition Ignition workshops.

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Bill Walsh® interviews Kristen White

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Bill Walsh interviews Fabian Tan, Suzan Hart & William W. Olsen this Sunday on the Rainmaker Show

Fabian Tan has 8 years of experience in Real Estate Investing. Spending 4 years of his life learning from true blue real estate investors as a realtor. He quickly picked out the criteriors these Investors look out for in a steal deal. Equipped with a Millionaire Real Estate  investor’s mindset he start his own company Mustard Seed Group in Singapore.

Starting with a humble $200,000 Capital Fund, he has build a $10Million fund investing in properties in Singapore and the United States. Without the help of Marketing and Advertising Fabian has managed to achieve these results with plainly word of mouth referral by clients he made richer. Now equipped with an excellent team to maintain Investor’s wealth creation and top quality production team to remodel houses in Singapore and America to achieve the highest investment returns on rental properties.

Having Launch Fabian is ready to take his funds to the ceiling. Making it $50million by the end of the year. Check out his website to find out how you can double your money in 3 years and build the perfect plan for a retirement before 65!

Suzan Hart is a successful multiple six figure income earner in the industry of network marketing. Suzan can teach you how to take control of your health, how to create residual income and design the life of your dreams. Through teamwork, focused action and a thirst for personal development and self mastery, Suzan can show you too how to create a successful organization.

William W. Olsen, CPA

William has been in the tax industry for over 17 years earning his Masters of Accountancy degree in 1995 and his CPA license in 1997.

He was an adjunct professor at Dixie State University and a tax and accounting instructor at the University of Phoenix.

He wrote a weekly tax column called Taxabilities where he spelled out complex tax issues in simple to understand language.

He started out specializing in IRS problems resolution work but over his career transitioned into working primarily with estate planning clients, consulting on business planning and estate planning strategies.

He served as President of the Board of the Utah Valley Estate Planning Council in 2010 and has been a member of the distinguished Society of Financial Service Professionals for several years.

He designed the functionality of Deductr and is the President and CO-Founder of Business Owners Advantage, Inc.

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Bill Walsh interviews Minesh Bhindi, Christopher Foltz and James Dentley this Sunday on the Rainmaker Show

Inspired by reading Rich Dad Poor Dad given to him by his dad, Minesh Bhindi started dealing in real estate at age 16. By 18 he’d bought his first property worth over $1.85 million with $118,000 cash-back and just under $500,000 in equity. After people started discovering what he was doing, he started teaching the investment strategies he had implemented, which resulted in Minesh becoming a worldwide speaker & coach on Investing. Over the last 7 years, his sights went from Property to the Stock Market and recently, with the economic cycle and the world-wide monetary policy issues, Minesh turned his sights to Gold & Silver…and created Gold For Life.

But the special part of what Minesh does is teach people to use the same cash-flow generation strategies big banks and hedge funds use to generate a monthly cash-flow income on Gold & Silver. So while your wealth is protected in Gold & Silver, unaffected by inflation, by using Minesh’s particular Gold & Silver Strategies you will be generating a monthly cash-flow while you wait for Gold & Silver to increase in value.

Minesh, in a very short period of time, became the highest paid Gold & Silver Investment Coach in the UK, attracting the best quality student community worldwide full of CEO’s, investors, business owners and high paid professionals. But more importantly, Gold For Life is the MOST successful Gold & Silver Investment Community in the UK.

Christopher S. Foltz is a Chicago based publicist, noted motivational speaker, and managing partner of Christopher Foltz & Company, a full service communication strategy firm. Chris specializes in strategy partnerships, brand positioning,  message development, and corporate non-profit/philanthropic programs.  Christopher Foltz & Company is committed to our clients, the global community, and connecting our clients to their desired customer base and beyond.  Christopher Foltz & Company brings a fresh, hip, and unique approach to creating the most efficient communication strategies. CFCo has been recognized throughout Chicagoland for their philanthropy and charitable service contributions and as one of the first agencies to require philanthropy and charitable giving models amongst their entire client roster.

Chris has had the opportunity to work with a who’s who list in society. Some of these include President George W. Bush, Senator Elizabeth Dole (NC), Governor Haley Barbour (MS),  Internationally Renowned Fathers Rights Attorney Jeffery M. Leving, The Premier Basketball League, Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund, Miss Illinois USA’s Humanitarian Award winner and media personality Jennifer Christenson, Share Your Soles Foundation, Television Personality Jane Monzures, World Renowned Business Coach and famed Marketing Expert Bill Walsh, Chicago’s top radio personality Pete McMurray, Weekends With Whitney’s Whitney Reynolds, the founder of “House Music” Vince Lawrence, Alderman Bob Fioretti, Emmy Award winning CNN Anchorwoman Andrea Zinga, the nations largest podiatrist group – Advanced Foot & Ankle, America’s “Greenest” Restaurant Uncommon Ground, the worlds largest undergroun parking system Millennium Garages, and many political and entertainment industry projects. In the 2009 consolidated elections, Foltz consulted on his first municipal election cycle, winning all four contested campaigns he participated in.

James Dentley has over 30 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur. Since 1994, he has inspired, and coached individuals throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. His training, coaching, and consulting system has helped tens of thousands of individuals to learn how to create success and live their dreams. James also assists companies to excel in areas of training, profitability, and leadership development.

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Bill Walsh interviews Vic Conant & BK Boreyko this Sunday on the Rainmaker Show

Vic Conant is the Chairman of the Board of Nightingale-Conant Corp, the premier publisher of audio personal development programs in the world.

Vic had the great fortune of growing up surrounded by the works of the modern legends of the motivation industry like Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Dale Carnegie and Norman Vincent Peale to name a few. His Dad, Lloyd, used to have a speaker in every room of the house, including the bathroom. Vic recounts, “When Dad played Earl Nightingale’s recordings you listened no matter what you were doing!”

After graduating from the University of Michigan and a stint in Viet Nam, Vic eventually joined the family business just as it started publishing other authors besides Earl Nightingale-the first of whom was Denis Waitley and eventually the Whose Who of business and self improvement.

Vic took over as president and in 1986 and has spearheaded its growth to over $40mm in sales making it by far the dominant publisher in its field.

Vic has undoubtedly worked with more of the great self-improvement authors than any other human being alive today. And when an upcoming author in the human potential field wants to get published it is just natural for him or her to seek out Vic and Nightingale-Conant.

As Founder and CEO of Vemma, BK Boreyko embraces a personal philosophy and company mission that go hand-in-hand: to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Born in Calgary, Alberta, BK learned from his parents at an early age valuable personal and business development skills, including caring about people and operating by the Golden Rule. Embracing the notion that long-term health is something people need to invest in today, BK leveraged his 20+ years experience in the wellness industry with his passion for creating unique ways to keep people healthy and founded Vemma, based in Scottsdale, AZ, in 2004. An industry leader, Vemma provides innovative products and a simple, generous compensation plan to help people live healthier and more rewarding lives.

BK’s contagious energy, “anything’s possible” attitude and fresh approach to marketing are just a few qualities that set him apart as an entrepreneur and progressive pioneer in liquid nutrition. BK aligns himself with a team of experts in every area, which has successfully positioned the company as one of the top, internationally recognized leaders in the health and wellness industry, thanks to its clinically studied, science-based Vemma formula and rewarding home-based business model.

BK’s unique leadership style — thinking as a distributor first and corporate officer second — has earned him countless accolades and recognition as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, success coach and mentor. An advocate of “paying it forward,” BK devotes much of his personal and corporate resources in giving back to the community to help enrich the lives of those in need. Vemma helps to improve the lives of children around the world through philanthropic projects, including Vemma’s NEXT Helping Now Project, which is a one-for-one product donation program; and The Dottie Boreyko Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in honor of his mother that supports the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® and HealthCorps®, the proactive health movement founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz.

BK relishes every moment as proud husband to his wife, Courtney, a father of six and four dogs. He serves on the board of the Canyonville Christian Academy, the esteemed Leadership Board of the Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute led by Chief Wellness Officer Dr. Michael Roizen, and the Advisory Board for HealthCorps®. BK also supports such worthy causes as Church on the Street, Boys and Girls Clubs, and Habitat for Humanity, in which his total donations exceed $4 million.

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Bill Walsh interviews Dr. Azizan Osman this Sunday on the Rainmaker Show

The Marketing, Advertising and Sales Maestro

Dr Azizan Osman started training to be an expert in international marketing and sales in one of London’s highly rated organizations from year 2001. During that time, Dr Azizan joined the organization to become a successful marketer who could sell almost any products or services to anyone in need. His talent in handling marketing tasks opened up a lot of opportunities for Dr Azizan and one of them was to be given the chance build a team of talented marketers under his leadership. Not long after, Dr Azizan was promoted as Project Manager when he showed the talent he possessed in leadership.

With a great track record and exceptional marketing talent, Dr Azizan was then offered to build his own company sponsored by his employers. Dr Azizan then took his credibility as an international marketer to another level when he was awarded the “Chairman’s International Platinum Award”, the highest accolade to be handed out by the organization, after only two years of service.

During his meaningful and highly successful 8 years of service under the London-based organization, Dr Azizan Osman has received 14 personal accolades for his performance and success in the fields of leadership, management, human resource management, advertising as well as marketing, in which he holds a strong passion for.

In 2008, Dr Azizan made a bold move and left the company to pursue his life-long dream of owning his own company in the human development industry as well as other businesses which he is so passionate about. The greatest asset he brought on board was none other than his vast experience, collected after 8 years of hard work, to be shared with those in need of his expertise in the local industry.

The Successful Entrepreneur & Business Consultant

After leaving his principal, Dr Azizan continued to develop his business, focusing on human development and training. 3 years later, Dr Azizan is now the proud owner of a multinational conglomerate comprising a total of 12 subsidiary companies under the Richworks Group of Companies flagship.

The companies cover a wide range of businesses including advertising and marketing consultation, graphic design and printing solutions, import and export trading, book publishing, social media and web solutions, beauty and wellness, event management as well as corporate and accounting services.

Dr Azizan Osman’s success has been well documented by the local media and he is known as the business ‘guru’ in Malaysia for his desire and sheer determination to help other business owners to achieve their fullest potential in their respective industries. His aids come in various forms including talks, seminars, trainings, personal coachings as well as writing his own column in one of Malaysia’s largest tabloid newspapers and appearing on television programs on a weekly basis.

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