Pictures from the Rainmaker Summit Jan 15-17 2010 Schaumburg, IL

Pictures from the Rainmaker Summit Jan 15-17 2010 Schaumburg, IL

The Rainmaker Summit is a 2 1/2 Day Intensive Interactive program specifically designed to help entrepreneurs and business create even more success and happiness in every area of their life! The breakthrough program is based on 3 key areas of focus. The Personal Development Education will show you how to breakthrough any current challenges you face by harnessing the power of Personal Intuitive Performance. As a Rainmaker you will develop an unstoppable mindset and non-negotiable posture to succeed!

When you attend the Rainmaker Summit you will learn about the Systems required to create success in any business. Rainmakers will learn the how to properly utilize business capital, entity structuring, social media, e-commerce websites, joint venture partnerships, customer acquisition and effective communication skills to exponentially grow their business! The final piece of the Rainmaker Weekend is very intense in the areas of Entrepreneur Accountability and Productivity training in every area of your life! When you attend our team will work with you to build out your 2-Year action plan to success! It will include the development of your empowered goals combined with a Daily Method of Operation to achieve your most important life goals! Attendees will learn the Secrets that Millionaires and Billionaires utilize to create wealth through effective planning and delegation. The Rainmaker Summit is one of the most interactive, educational retreats in the marketplace today! It is designed for everyone that is interested in launching a business or growing an existing business in today’s marketplace!

Bill Walsh

usiness Coach/Venture Capitalist

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Pictures from World’s Greatest Marketing Seminar & Discover Your Power Voice Seminar

Thanks to T Harv Eker and Les Brown for inviting me to speak at your amazing events.

Special thanks to all the attendees, speakers and staff.

Bill Walsh

Business Coach/Venture Capitalist

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Pictures from the Rainmaker Summit August 21-23, 2009 in Barrington, IL

The Rainmaker Summit August 2009 in Barrington was phenomenal! It was filled with tons of great speakers, great energy, and great breakthroughs.  Everyone that attended left with not only new business tools and connections, but personal relationships as well.  You can’t walk away from a Rainmaker Summit without some sort of breakthrough or deeper insight into your business, who you are, what you’re looking for, and how to get yourself and your business in the direction your heart desires to go!  Rainmaker Summit pulls you up to the next level in your life!

Take a look at some of the line-up of presenters at this Rainmaker Summit:

Bill Walsh: a renowned professional speaker, Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur, and founder/owner of Powerteam International.

Glenn Blake: a web master who can get your website to the top of any search engine.

Michael Tipper: an incredibly intelligent man from the UK who teaches mind mapping and other techniques to maximize your memory and accelerated learning.

Mark Kaplan: an excellent real estate expert with years of experience and huge projects and insights under his belt.

George Miller: founder of Probate Uncovered, a unique system of wealth building through the virtually untapped probate industry.

Here’s what Michael Tipper has to say himself about the Rainmaker Summit experience..

“It was a complete holistic experience that not only gave me some outstanding strategies to apply to my business but it also got me to look a little deeper inside myself.  Yes we focused on business but this was much much more than a business summit.  The Highlight form me was connecting on a deep and personal level with the other delegates – the fireside session on Saturday was awesome.  I can’t believe that I nearly didn’t come…I got far more out of my attendance than I could ever have imagined – thank you”
-Michael Tipper

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September 25-27, 2009 at the Airport Hilton in Irvine, CA

Pictures from the WIN University Aug 6-9, 2009 Chicago, IL

The WIN event August 6-9 at the W Hotel was amazing!  Imagine a breakthrough organization that will challenge you at the highest level to reach your potential and achieve all of your goals and dreams!  There were tons of great people and amazing energy all weekend.  New lifelong friendships and business relationships were formed.  Some of our guest speakers included Financial Guru & Trading Expert Michael Hutchinson, Internet Marketing Strategist Stephen Pierce, Real Estate Developer Mark Kaplan, Personal Development Guru Richard Flint and Venture Capital/Business Coach Bill Walsh.

Here’s what a couple attendees had to say about the weekend:

“Thanks again for the incredible opportunity to network with such amazing business entrepreneurs. The Chicago WIN Event was packed with information that “ALL” business owners and entrepreneurs need to know to both grow their business and to …stay safe from all the things that may happen if their business is not properly structured. I would also like to add that I was blown away with how much information you personally, the speakers and the participants shared both in and out of the seminar. Everyone was approachable and everyone benefited from each others and the experts advice. Thank You.” –Tommy Lee

WIN includes high level Personal Development and Business Training from some of the Top inspirational and brilliant minds in the world. The Wealth Cube™ is at the core of the training series that provides audios & videos to assist our students learning the Secrets that Millionaires and Billionaires have used for decades to create massive success!

The second part of the program is 3 Exotic breakthrough events with live training from WIN faculty and the formulation of your InnerCircle 360 Mastermind team that you will work with for the entire year!

The third and extremely important part of WIN University is the Joint Venture and new business funding component where all participants in WIN have the opportunity to team up with other members and the faculty to create WIN-WIN-WIN business and personal relationships to create even more success!

Our goal at WIN University is to empower entrepreneurs and business owners to take your lives to the next level through high level education and residual relationships.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of WIN University!  The next exotic breakthrough event is November 19-21 at Mandaley Bay in Las Vegas and you MUST be a part of it!  Visit  for more informationa and register to become a WIN member.


Bill Walsh

Business Coach/Venture Capitalist

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