Ultimate Success Camp – Joint Venture & Internet Marketing Conference – Las Vegas, NV


Bill Walsh & President Bill Clinton Live at the Entrepreneurs 2012 Conference Nov 13-16, 2012 London, UK

Four Day Intensive Business Conference.

Live from London from 13th – 16th November 2012.



Former President of the United States of America


America’s Business Expert…


Leadership expert and international comedienne


Adventurer, Host of Man Vs Wild, author of #1 best seller….


Hollywood star, attending gala dinner only


Mike Southon is a serially successful entrepreneur…


Investor, and lead singer of Iron Maiden


Carayol Global Leadership Village


Founder and Executive Chairman of Glasses Direct


Managing Director, Checkatrade.com


Managing Director of Wonderful Creative……


CEO Ecademy & MD Triumphant Events


London-based business woman…


London Chair of the Women in Management (WiM) Network


Founder and CEO of Ariadne Capital


Commercial Director at Academy for Chief Executives Ltd


Marco entered adulthood as a struggling musician…


Climbed the corporate ladder with BT….

Kate Hardcastle

TV’s Queen of Customer Service…


CEO Entrepreneurs Circle


Respected international speaker


A global wealth strategist


Director of ventures at The Young Foundation


Grand master of memory

 The event will be held in the ExCeL Centre, London. For information on getting to the venue click here

Bill Walsh live at Outsource Live! October 19-21, 2012 Los Angeles, California

Discover How to Quickly Outsource Your Entire Business for Pennies… And Easily Create a Life of Wealth, Freedom, and Luxury

Get yourself to Outsource Live!–the repeat SELL OUT event of the year—where you’ll get all the tools, strategies, and inside secrets to…

Work a LOT less…and make a LOT more $$$
Create a REAL business…instead of ‘thinking’ that you’re running a business
Outsource EVERY time-consuming task…that prevents you from earning the big bucks
Let your business work for you…instead of you working for your business
Design the life you were meant to live…with the Freedom to do what you want, when you want

This 3-day interactive workshop was created with you, the entrepreneur and business owner, in mind. You won’t have time to nod off and do ‘head dips’ listening to a parade of drones speaking from the stage.

Our speakers and students already make 6 and 7 figures because they outsource.

They’ll share and teach you what WORKS…so you can duplicate what they’ve done.

You’ll be actively getting your hands dirty with practical, real world, ‘what’s working now’ money making outsourcing techniques that Maximize your business, your time, and your profits.

Click here for more info and registration

The California Women’s Conference with Bill Walsh September 23-24, 2012 Long Beach, CA

The California Women’s Conference offers its attendees inspiration, resources, and connections to take the next step in business, personal development, health and wellness, or philanthropic endeavors. Featuring widely respected thought leaders, talented entertainers, and a marketplace of ideas, exhibits, networking and panel discussions, the conference is designed to benefit women from all walks of life.

For nearly thirty years, women in California have enjoyed a conference that provided a forum for building successful businesses, strengthening careers, and positively influencing the world around them. The California Women’s Conference will continue the tradition of empowering women and providing resources in every aspect of their lives, and embracing philanthropy by donating a portion of programming and proceeds to participating charitable organizations.

The California Women’s Conference seeks to continue inspiring women 365 days a year. To that end, we have created the CaliforniaWomensConference.com online community, with the objective of empowering women to see themselves as the organizers of their lives, to make a difference in their communities and in their world, and to pass it on. With the guidance of our Advisory Board, the California Women’s Conference has formed partnerships with established and respected organizations throughout the United States to develop ongoing and far-reaching women’s empowerment programs.


Event Schedule
Sun, Sept 23: 5:00pm-10:00pm
Mon, Sept 24: 8:00am-7:30pm

Sept 23 & 24 – $199
Sept 23 only – $79

Long Beach Convention Center
300 East Ocean Boulevard
Long Beach, CA 90802



Bill Walsh

America’s Business Expert

Raymond Aaron

Success and Investment Coach

Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour

America?s First African American Female Combat Pilot

B. Harlan Böll

Publicist, Author & Producer

Ali Brown

CEO of Ali International, Entrepreneur Mentor

Elizabeth Canon

Founder of Fashion’s Collective

Mallika Chopra

Author and Founder of Intent.com

Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D.

Rita Davenport

Former President of Arbonne International, Author

Deborah Deras

Leadership and Productivity Coach

Craig Duswalt

Author, Radio Personality

Dr. Paula Noble Fellingham

Author, and Human Relations Specialist

Nancy Foster

First Lady of Long Beach

Bobbie Gee

Author, Entreprenuer, Media Host

Mark Victor Hansen

Best-Selling Author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” Series, Entrepreneur Coach

Betty Heiman

Founder/CEO of the Transparent Health Network

Tammy Hotsenpiller

Fitness Trainer, Life Coach, Author, Advocate

Geri Jewell

Actress, best known for “The Facts of Life.”

Ron Konkin

Marriage Coach & Founder of Relationship Help Centers

Dr. Caroline Leaf

Communication Pathologist/Cognitive Neuroscientist, Author of “Who Switched Off My Brain?”

Jill Lublin

Networking and Publicity Expert

Mary McDonough

Actress, Writer, Director, Producer, Health Advocate

Clare Munn

Founder/CEO of The Communication Group

Jessica Northey

Country Radio Personality, Social Media Guru

Kerri Pomarolli

Christian Comedian

Emily Rehm

President of BYOU

Don Saunders

Author of “The Power of Knowing How Life Works”

Christina Stockton

Professional Golfer

Mary Ellen Tribby

Founder/CEO of WorkingMomsOnly.com

JoAnne Worley

Actress, Comedian

Aaron Young

Author, Small Business Advocate

Donzaleigh Abernathy

Actress, Civil Rights Activist

Marcy Axness, PhD

Rhonda Britten

Founder of the Fearless Living Institute

Les Brown

Author, Radio and Television Personality

Judy Carter

Judy Carter

Amanda Clardy

CEO of Life Technologies

Calleen Cordero

Fashion Footwear Designer

Eli Davidson

Small Business Mentor

Christine Devine

Television News Anchor

Kathy Eldon

TV/Film Producer, Author, Journalist

Julie Ferman

Professional Matchmaker

J. T. Foxx

Radio Personality and Wealth Coach

Tamar Geller

New York Times Best-Selling Author of “The Loved Dog”

Terry Hawkins

Best-Selling Author, Founder of People in Progress

Diana Hendel

CEO of Long Beach Memorial, Community Hospital Long Beach and Miller Children’s Hospital

Dr. Mark Hyman

Physician, New York Times Best-Selling Author of “The Blood Sugar Solution”

Linda Kaplan Thaler

Chairman, Publicis Kaplan Thaler

Tina Konkin

Marriage Coach & Founder of Relationship Help Centers

Sharon Lechter

Co-Author of Think and Grow Rich – Three Feet from Gold

Dorothy Lucey

Television News Reporter

David Misch

Comedic Writer

Monique Nadeau

President/CEO of Hope Street Group

Judy Norton

Actress, Director

Chris & Heidi Powell

Authors and Transformational Specialists

Greg S. Reid

Best-Selling Author

Vivian Shimoyama

President of Breakthru Solutions

Lori R. Taylor

Award-Winning Copywriter, Social Media Power Player

Chuck Vollmer

President and Founder of VII and Jobenomics

Diane E. Watson

Former U.S. Rep. for CA, 33rd Congressional District

Gloria Allred

Attorney, Advocate for Women’s Rights

Michael Bernard Beckwith

Founder and Director of the Agape International Spiritual Center

Denise Brosseau

CEO of Well-Connected Leader, Inc, Producer of “Dolphin Tank” Panel

Wendy Burch

Television News Anchor

Kim Castle

Co-Creator of the BrandU Business-Building System

Lissa Coffey

Lifestyle & Relationship Expert

Kami Cotler

Actress, Educator

Oscar De La Hoya

Boxing World Champion, Golden Boy Promotions

Kristina Dodge

Film Producer and TV Personality

Sue Enquist

Champion Softball Player & Coach

Eldonna Lewis Fernandez

Founder/CEO of Dynamic Vision Int’l, Editor-in-Chief of GoPINK Magazine

Debra Gano

Best-Selling Author

Stedman Graham

Leadership Educator; Founder of AAD Education, Health and Sports

Tippi Hedren

Actress, Activist

Sam Horn

Marketing Consultant, Author of “The Eyebrow Test”

Wendy Ida

National Champion Bodybuilder, Fitness & Nutrition Specialist

Donna Karan

Fashion Icon, Philanthropist

Nadine Lajoie

Motorcycle Racing Champion, Best-Selling Author of “Win the Race of Life”

Natalie Ledwell

Entrepreneur, Creator of the “7 Secrets to Happiness” Program

Rose Marie


Amy Millman

President, Springboard Enterprises

Janice Niederhofer

Dr. Tony O’Donnell

Radio and Television Talk Show Host and Certified Herbalist/Nutritionist

Suzy Prudden

Life Coach, Best-Selling Author of “Change Your Mind, Change Your Body”

Sarah Ripard

Actress, Co-Creator of “Being Mom with Sarah Ripard” TV Show

Mari Smith

Motivational Coach, Social Media Expert

Judy Tenuta

Actress, Comedian

John A. Walsh

Creator of ESPN’s “Sportscenter”

Sandra Yancey

Founder/CEO of eWomanNetwork

Patricia Arquette


Rickie Byars Beckwith

Spiritual Singer-Songwriter

Tracy Broughton

Former Ms. America 2011, Business Owner

Brendon Burchard

New York Times bestselling author of “The Millionaire Messenger”

Carol Channing

Singer, Actress, and Comedienne

Lorraine Conaway

Financial Strategist

Marcia Cross


Dr. Jacqueline Del Rosario

Marriage Coach

Scott Duffy

Entreprenuer and Business Coach

David Fagan

Carrie Flintom

Certified Life Coach

Ana Garcia

Television News Reporter

John Gray, Ph.D.

New York Times Best-Selling Author of “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus”,

Gia Heller

CEO, The Social Media Masters

Shellie Ann Hunt

Author of the “Success is By Design” Series

Elizabeth Iverson

VP & GM, Northrop Grumman

Cynthia Kersey

Cheryl Quintana Leader

Michael Learned


Melissa Manchester

Grammy Award-Winning Artist

Olga Mizrahi

Julie Newmar


Dr. Marissa Pei

Psychologist, Rado Show Host, and Author of “Mommy, What are Feelings?”

Helen Reddy

Singer and Actress

Mel Robbins

Radio Personality, Relationship Expert, Author

Agapi Stassinopoulos

Author of “Unbinding The Heart”

Shannon Tweed-Simmons


Katherine Wintsch

Founder of the Mom Complex

Marc L. Winter, M.D.

Obstetrician/Gynecologist, Specialist in Robotic Surgery

Click below for more info and tickets


National Achievers Congress 2012 with Bill Walsh September 21-23, 2012 Nürnberg, Germany

Top entrepreneurs and investors will be on stage at the National Achievers Congress live; communicating their own methods and know-how, so you can maximize your financial success in the coming years. However, you should not expect “get rich quick” solutions. Instead, you will learn successful tactics and behavior of the top coaches. This knowledge will help you to approach solutions like some of the most successful people in the world, and to make the right decisions every day! During the three days congress, you will enjoy yourself, meet like-minded people, make new contacts, and obtain an immediate action plan when you head home.

The speakers show you proven successful and profitable strategies to make a profit in during the current crisis! The money did not just disappear three years ago as the global economy was falling apart… it has simply gone only to the few investors who have made the right decisions. In every crisis there are winners and losers – and it’s up to you and your preparation, to decide how you are included in future!

All the speakers are experienced investors and experts in the fields of taxation, entrepreneurship, real estate, stocks, and economic relationships.


Bill Walsh

“America’s Business Expert”

Venture Funding for your Business

Bill Walsh is the CEO/Founder of Business Coaching/Venture Capital firm Powerteam International. His passion is to empower entrepreneurs and business owners to create massive success. For everyone that owns a business or would like to capitalize the entrepreneurial dream Bill’s message will enlighten them with knowledge and action principles to turn that passion into success! Bill has an extensive background in foreign currency trading, real estate development and building companies around the world. Over the past two decades, he has specialized in helping companies launch, grow and create exponential valuation in the market.

Robert Kiyosaki

Financial Education

Author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

“The Power of Financial Education”

Robert is the founder of The Rich Dad Company, a worldwide-recognized brand and global leader in financial education empowering people to escape the rat race and find financial freedom. A successful entrepreneur and investor, Robert is the author of 19 books, including Rich Dad Poor Dad—the #1 personal finance book of all time—and most recently the controversial New York Times Bestseller, Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money..

A true advocate of effective financial education, Robert isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo. He offers financial advice that exposes the absurdity of conventional attitudes about money and debunks the so-called financial experts. He’s regularly featured on shows like Larry King Live, Oprah, and Your World with Neil Cavuto.

Kim Kiyosaki

Financial Education

Author of “Rich Woman: A Book on Investing for Women

As an internationally renowned speaker, author, entrepreneur, and real estate investor, Kim knows what it takes to succeed and be a financially independent woman. She’s a sought-after speaker, television and radio talk show guest, the host of a PBS “Rich Woman” show, and a columnist for WomenEntrepreneur.com

Through her international brand, Rich Woman, Kim draws on a lifetime of experience in business and investing to be an advocate for women in the market place. A self-made millionaire, Kim is a happily married (but fiercely independent) woman and often travels and speaks with her husband, Robert Kiyosaki. Her first book, Rich Woman, was a Business Week bestseller and is one of the top 50 best-selling personal finance books of all time.

Ken McElroy

Rich Dad Advisor & Real Estate Investor

The Power of Financial Education

Ken is a founding partner of MC Companies, a real estate investment company that specializes in management, investment, development, and construction with a portfolio of over 10,000 apartment units across the Southwestern United States valued in the hundreds of millions.

As a Rich Dad Advisor, Ken brings 20 years of real estate experience to the team and speaks to thousands of people across the globe each year. He is the author of the Rich Dad Advisor books:The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing”, “The Advanced Guide to Real Estate Investing” and “The ABC’s of Property Management”.

Richard Duncan

Author of The Dollar Crisis

The Power of Financial Education

Richard Duncan is the author of The Dollar Crisis: Causes, Consequences, Cures – the bestseller that accurately predicted the global economic crisis that began in 2008. Want to learn more about how cash flows? Check out his latest book, The Corruption of Capitalism – A strategy to rebalance the global economy and restore sustainable growth. Duncan has worked as a financial sector specialist for the World Bank in Washington DC. He also worked as a consultant for the IMF in Thailand during the Asian Crisis and is now chief economist at Blackhorse Asset Management.

Tom Wheelwright

Rich Dad Tax Advisor

The Power of Financial Education

Tom is the founder and principal for ProVision Wealth Strategies. For more than 25 years Tom has devised innovative tax, business, and wealth strategies for sophisticated investors and business owners. Tom is an international speaker and an adjunct professor in the Masters of Tax program at Arizona State University. He serves as the Rich Dad Advisor for Tax and Wealth Strategy and is the author of an upcoming Rich Dad Advisor book on building wealth through tax strategies.

Ron White

World-renowned Memory and Sales Training Expert

“How to Remember Everything (Names, Faces, Notes, Dates & Lessons) for Your Success”

Ron White is without question the nation’s #1 Memory Expert and is one of the tops in the world. He is a two time national memory champion winning the USA Memory Championship in 2009 and 2010. Ron’s desire is not that you see him as the person with the best trained memory but that he teaches YOU to have the best trained memory! Ron has given his talk all over the world and has appeared on Good Morning America, Martha Stewart Show, FOX and Friends, the CBS Evening News, CBS Early Show, FOX, NBC and newspapers across the USA from the New York post to the Dallas Morning News. He has been the guest on over 200 radio programs and is the author of over a dozen CD albums and books. In every talk Ron shares that he is no different from anyone and everyone can learn how to improve their memory.

Marcus De Maria

Stock Market Educator & Creator of the Buffalo Market

“Investment Mastery: Trade Oil, Gold, Silver & Shares”

Today, Marcus is a well respected stock market and wealth educator, owner of his company Investment Mastery, financially independent, and fulfilling his purpose in life which is to teach others how to do the same. But it wasn’t always like this. Not too many years ago Marcus was living on his brother’s floor and over £100,000 in debt. Immersing himself with wealth creation education, he came across a formula for financial wealth. Applying it, he became financially independent in a few short years. He now shares it with others so they too can become financially independent. Marcus is the author of the book, ‘Wealth Workout – the Simple Seven Step Formula for Financial Success’, and the contributor to leading money, finance, stock market and property publications in UK. He has appeared on BBC TV’s The Money series (How To Be A Millionaire, 2011).

Greg Secker

Multimillionaire Master Forex Trader

“Forex Your Way to Financial Freedom”

One of the World’s Leading Currency Traders and Coaches, Greg believes that global forex trading (the buying and selling of international currencies) is the fastest (& easiest) way to make a fortune in the world today. Using his own vast experience and the principles he discovered, Greg has dedicated himself to creating a Forex education program that anyone, from any educational background, can learn and implement immediately. Greg’s passion lies in not only sharing the knowledge but empowering people to take action. A multi-millionaire by his twenties, Greg has gone on to create and run one of England’s most successful trader coaching companies and blazed a path for the everyday-man in the street to walk towards financial freedom.

Tan Yang-Po

Author, Millionaire Business Woman and Property Investor

“How the Rich Invest and Make Money In Crises”

Yang Po is the author of the book, “Cash Your Passion: What Text Books Don’t Teach About How to Start and Manage Successful Businesses.” Yang Po’s passion is taking businesses to new and emerging markets and building them into multi-millionaire dollar generating corporations. She was previously the Director of Yves Saint Laurent Beaute, Asia Pacific and has managed international luxury brands including Montblanc and Kenzo in Asia. Working with multicultural people around the world is her forte and recognizes the strengths of each market she oversees to optimize business opportunity and growth. Yang Po currently owns two businesses which specialize on Personal Coaching and Property Investment. She has since managed and invested in more than S$250 million worth of properties.

Steve Clements

Instructor, United States Tax Lien Association

Tax Liens: The Little Known Secret of Property Investment

Steve has over 25 years’ experience in property tax lien and deed investing, training audiences in tax lien programs around the world. Steve got his start in tax liens and real estate in Arizona, where he attended college and started his career. He is a past president of the Arizona Association of Mortgage Brokers, Southern Chapter and has been actively involved in the investment community ever since. He now shares his passion for helping others around the world secure their financial future while benefiting local communities across the United States through tax liens.

John Coutis

Globally Reknowned Inspirational Speaker

John ‘JC’ Coutis is an exceptional person. Born with a severe disability that rendered his legs useless, John defied medical opinion by refusing to die. Today John speaks all around the world to tens of thousands, very enthusiastic and eager people, whom he leaves breathless. John has spoken to millions of people all over the world, inspiring them with his message that, “believing in yourself, anything is possible.” John plays a significant role in schools throughout the world & speaks on topics such as; Anti-Bullying, Life Topics, Treating People The Way You Wish To Be Treated, Goal Setting, Over Coming Challenges & Getting The Best Out of Life.

Jeff and Kane

Sales & Marketing

“Be the Rockstar of Your Industry”
Business and Branding Strategists

As renowned executive coaches, Jeff and Kane have shared the stages with top speakers like Les Brown (internationally rated as one of the world’s top motivational speakers), Keith Cunningham (a lead instructor for Tony Robbins’ Wealth Mastery), Sir Richard Branson, (founder of Virgin), Harry Dent (leading world economist), and many more.

In the corporate world, Jeff and Kane founded and built five different 7- and 8-figure businesses, two of which have become international brand leaders. Using a combination of proprietary models in business & financial systems, neuro linguistics, executive leadership tools, collaborative systems & movement analysis, Jeff and Kane provide a unique approach to accelerating one’s business, practice and personal brand in the market place.

Eve Michaels

Personal Wellness/Image

“Image: The Overlooked Secret of Success!”

A nationally recognized author and motivational speaker who captivates audiences globally, Eve teaches people life changing, easy-to-follow skills that quickly transform their image and their attitude about dressing well. Eve has an engaging and relatable gift for helping her clients understand what makes them special and how to create the right image that communicates their unique abilities and talents. It is no wonder her work is often called “Makeover Magic!” Her lyrical voice, compelling scenarios, edgy delivery and “walk the walk” style make for an entertaining escape into a new dimension of beauty and inspiration.

Dr. Rohan Weerasinghe

Property Investment and Wealth Creation Guru

“The Property Path To Wealth”

For almost two decades, Dr Rohan Weerasinghe has been speaking to audiences in the fields of education, inspiration, personal growth, business and wealth creation. Having touched thousands of lives, Rohan is now recognised as one of the UK’s most inspiring speakers. In 2002 together with a business associate, Rohan started to develop a property portfolio that grew rapidly. He started being asked to teach how he did it and since then has continued to share his secrets of Wealth Creation to audiences all around the world. His live and online programs are inspirational and packed full of powerful tools and learning lessons that Rohan developed through his personal experiences with both failure and his rise to build successful businesses.

For more information and tickets visit:


SMALL BUSINESS EXPO 2012 with Bill Walsh – Los Angeles, CA


Small Business Expo is a bicoastal series of Networking Events that bring together business owners from around the world working together to their companies grow. Business owners gather in the gigantic exhibition hall to meet with vendors and other exhibitors providing valuable products and services to harness their companies’ potential. These business networking events bring together people and ideas in a series of workshops, seminars, and meet-ups all geared towards improving and expanding small business. Small Business Expo is the largest B2B trade show of its kind, with exciting events like speed networking, live product demonstrations, a business owner’s luncheon, and a powerful keynote presentation.

We Are Here to Grow Your Small Business!

Above all, Small Business Expo exists to refine and enhance small business owners’ ability to improve their companies. If you’re a vendor with a product or service targeting small business, Small Business Expo is a singular opportunity for face to face marketing and on-the-spot sales. Throughout the Expo small business owners get the chance to establish new contacts and reconnect with old ones during several formal and informal business networking events. The many workshops and seminars help to keep you on top of the latest trends and technologies to put your business ahead of the pack.

Don’t Miss the Los Angeles Trade Show!

Those who attended this year’s trade show in New York know how easy it is to take that next step in the expansion of their businesses by taking advantage of our free registration. If you’re thinking about attending the upcoming Los Angeles trade show, don’t wait! Free registration is now available for a limited time to the LA trade show on the Penthouse Floor of the California Market Center (The CMC). Small business owners around the world are making plans to show up, network, learn, sample, and sell at the biggest and best trade show in LA. Don’t let your small business get left behind!


Thursday November 8, 2012 10AM-5PM

11:00 AM – 11:45 AM SEO Strategies for Busy Business Owners
presented by Start Ranking Now
Love Your Accountant.
Grow Your Business.
presented by Xero
The Simple Mechanics of
Working Less & Making More
presented by Work the System Academy
Beyond Facebook:
How to Create Business Relationships That Matter
12:00 PM – 12:45 PM Top 10 Legal Mistakes Made by Small Businesses (and how you can avoid them)
presented by The Small Business Law Firm
The 24/7 Salesperson –
Your Website
presented by Go Daddy
The Tax Deductible Retirement Now…
The Tax Free Sale Later
presented by Kennedy Wealth Management
6 Secrets to Running Your Business Like the
CEO You Are Meant to Be
Getting Paid
Anytime, Anywhere!:
The Modern Day Cash Register
presented by PayPal
1:00 PM – 1:45 PM Crowdfunding 101 –
Using Social Media To MegaFund Your Business or Project
presented by Conzortia Business Funding
Simplify Travel Expenses with Your Smartphone
presented by Concur
The Power of Inc.!
How Incorporating Your Business
Can Save You Money!
presented by Robert Hall & Associates
2:00 PM – 2:45 PM Employer Beware!
8 Things Employers (Both Big & Small) Need to Know about Employment Laws in CA
presented by Jackson Lewis, LLP
Word of Mouth is Moving Online:
How do you protect your online reputation?
The Dirty Side of Email Marketing
presented by Benchmark Email
SBA – What we can do for your Small Business! Good Things Come in Small (Business) Packages:
Beat Competition using Local Search Marketing
3:00 PM – 3:45 PM Buying behaviour explained:
How to keep your customers coming
back for more
presented by Trade Only
LLC? Inc? S Corp? Business Structures 101:
Which one is right for you?
Today, Tomorrow and the Future


FREE Keynote Presentation with America’s Business Expert – Mr. Bill Walsh
Thursday November 8th from 4:30 PM – 6 PM (directly after the Expo)
at the California Market Center – Penthouse FloorKeynote Speaker:
Bill Walsh – America’s Business ExpertPresentation Title: “Success by Design”
“The 3 Keys to Building your Ultimate Success Story”
This Success by Design Presentation will cover:
• How to get Venture Funding for your Business
• Breakthrough your Fears & Live your Dreams
• How to get Access & Do Deals with Millionaires
• Monetize your talents & get paid what you are worth!
• The 7 Reasons why some people become SUPER WealthyPlease reserve your seat for this Free Keynote Presentation when you register

Small Business Expo Sponsors:

Thank you for supporting Small Business Expo!

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“The largest networking event, trade show & conference for business owners.”

There is a $10 On-Site Registration Fee if you do not register before November 6, 2012.

Thursday November 8, 2012     10 AM – 5 PM
Registration opens at 9:45 AM
Registration closes at 4:45 PM
FREE Keynote Presentation from 4:30-6PM

California Market Center (CMC) – Penthouse Floor
110 East Ninth Street
Los Angeles, CA 90079

Dress Code: Business Casual

Click here for more info and tickets

Bill Walsh live at Niurka’s Laws of Supreme Influence Event August 3, 2012


1 Day WILL Change Your Life!
Join Niurka LIVE on Friday, August 3, 2012 for this powerful
1-day event to elevate how you communicate with yourself
and the world around you…FOREVER!

Laws of Supreme Influence is a powerful, enlightening and fun one-day event where you will learn advanced language skills and strategies that will vastly improve every area of your life: Your business, your relationships (with the people you love most), your health, your bank account, your sense of purpose and your overall wellbeing.

On August 3, 2012, Niurka will show you how you can communicate more effectively than ever before, with your clients, partners, loved ones, children – and most importantly – with your Self.

When you open your mouth to speak, there are infinite possibilities of what you could say. Imagine being so CONSCIOUS and precise with your language that you only speak what you intend to create. What will happen in your life?

The most effective people on the planet are masters of speaking into another’s listening. They know how to elicit deep wants, needs and values, authentically tailoring their communication to those desires, while guiding an emotional journey that inspires purposeful action for the benefit of everyone involved.


    • Create the conditions for success in advance, even before you walk through the door.
    • Instantly step into resourceful states – like confidence, enthusiasm or centeredness – no matter what the circumstance, so you authentically emanate authority and trust, and others see, hear, feel and understand your commitment to their cause.
    • Ask direct and purposeful questions that allow you to clearly understand and address your client’s/team/partners needs and desires – you will eliminate misunderstandings and create clear communication.
    • Develop the keen awareness of subtle shifts in another’s verbal and nonverbal communication – so you know when and how to purposefully push boundaries in your communication, gracefully create tension and release and elegantly inspire your client/team/partners to say YES and take action now.
    • Navigate high-level negotiations to successful outcomes – you’ll meet everyone’s needs and ensure that each person leaves empowered.
    • Align your thoughts, words and actions with your vision and true purpose.

Supreme Influence is the power to consciously create your world through your thoughts, focus and communication. Supreme is the authentic You. Influence is the power to focus your language to elegantly manifest your vision. “In-fluence” implies “inward fluency.” You have real influence when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.

We’ve all seen Supreme Influence in action. It’s what happens when one is in the flow. It’s the state of being that produces masterpieces. It’s the state of grace that manifests miracles. It’s pure presence and creative intelligence embodied through your unique gifts.

Event Location Schedule & Registration
Radisson Hotel Newport Beach
4545 MacArthur Boulevard
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Registration Starts at 8:00am PDT
Event Starts at 9:00am PDT
Event Ends at 6:00pm PDT
Click Here to Download Full Event Logistics
    • Ask specific questions to elicit someone’s deepest needs and values so you honor, address and exceed these expectations.
    • Get comfortable pushing the boundaries of communication so you have greater flexibility and power to realize the best result for everyone involved.
    • Empower people to make decisions so they leave absolutely thrilled with you and your offerings, become loyal fans, and refer all their friends.
    • Become even more aware of subtleties in language and how you can purposefully use language to speak into another’s listening so they feel you understand them and their needs.
    • Induce states of enthusiasm, passion, confidence and decisiveness in others; not only will they be thrilled to work with you – they’ll be happy and loyal clients who want to do business with you for life.

Did you know that most psychologists agree that by the time a child is 8 years old, they’ve had over 25,000 hours of linguistic programming? Words have been downloaded to us, imprinting our minds with ideas about who we are and what is or isn’t possible. This one-day event gives you profound insights on how to release disempowering thoughts and language, so you think and speak in a way that reflects the most powerful YOU!

This event is about COMMUNICATION MASTERY & SUPREME INFLUENCE. You will learn the Laws of Supreme Influence, which will empower you to create your ultimate dream life.

    • Live with UNSHAKEABLE confidence.
    • AUTHENTICALLY speak with purpose, poise, precision, and power.
    • Consciously use your language to TRANSFORM CHALLENGES into opportunities.
    • Ask wise questions which CALL FORTH what you really want.
    • INSTANTLY snap out of any unwanted mental or emotional states and, authentically embody EMPOWERING mental states.
    • INSPIRE a YES in every area of your life.

You will also learn how Neuro-Lingustic Programming (NLP) – the science of how language affects your nervous system – can elevate every area of your life. When you shift your language, you shift your reality!

THIS EVENT is about aligning your thoughts, focus, language, phisiology,
beliefs, goals and vision so you have POWER!

Special Guest….

Bill Walsh® is the CEO/Founder of Business Coaching/Venture Capital firm Powerteam International. Bill hosts and speaks at events all over the world! His passion is to empower entrepreneurs and business owners to create massive success. He loves to help people to understand specifically what it takes to build successful companies. He is an accomplished author, speaker, radio personality. You don’t want to miss this presentation.

Meet Niurka

Niurka is a transformational leader and visionary empowering people to live authentically, purposefully and powerfully. Her unique blend of spirituality, neuroscience and business makes her message potent and relevant in today’s changing world.

Niurka’s life story is an epic journey from pain to possibility, to potency.

From dropping out of high school at 15, becoming the #1 corporate trainer for Anthony Robbins, earning a six figure annual income by age 20 and launching her own training and consulting company in 2000, her work has guided tens of thousands of people to elevate the way they speak and ultimately how they live.

Niurka has starred in movies, been featured in books and shared the stage with numerous luminaries including Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra and the Dalai Lama, just to name a few. And now, her first book, Supreme Influence will be available March 2013 through Random House. Learn more at www.niurkainc.com.

USE these PROMO CODES when you register online:

RAINMAKER1 to receive a $100 discount on  a one-ticket purchase and

RAINMAKER2 to receive a $200 discount on a 2-ticket purchase.

You will also receive a free download of Niurka’s Teleseminar “How To Inspire A Yes From Every Client” when you register. Click here to listen to Niurka talk about


Bill Walsh Live at the UNLEASH THE BUSINESS WITHIN – London, UK

8 reasons to come…

If there’s one thing you should do this July, it’s come to Unleash the Business Within and be inspired by incredible entrepreneurs.

Here are some reasons why you should come along…


If you’re serious about creating a better future for yourself and your family then you’ll be one of the first to arrive in London – waiting at the doors on the day……  because the core focus of Unleash the Business Within is to hand you the tools to be in command of your own future, whether you already have a business or if you want to start a business of your own.


At Unleash the Business Within, you’ll get 3 days of dedicated, intensive business support and knowledge exchange that will massively affect your future. You’ll see the opportunities that are right in front of you and you’ll want to grab them with both hands.


You’ll meet people who are hugely successful even in a downturn economy – they will share their experience of becoming wealthy and show you how to do it to. Now don’t think they were born wealthy or lucky: they just set out and did things differently.


Now, when you meet Ruby Wax, she’s going to disclose a secret: now we can’t tell you now what it is! But Ruby will be bringing her own unique style to this event and you’ll see why she’s so good and getting the answers she wants.


However, upon meeting Karen Brady, you’ll notice a stark contrast – Karen is seriously serious and has heaps of experience in running her own businesses. Of course, Karen also has a great sense of humour and you’ll really enjoy listening and learning from Karen.


What Unleash the Business Within really will teach you is how to use new technologies and internet strategies – everything online is changing so dramatically and quickly, our experts are at the top of their games: they eat, sleep and live the internet – so that you don’t have to. You can take away their learnings and put them to use in your new or growing business.


Spending 3 days in London with top-class speakers and entrepreneurs as well as Ruby Wax, Karen Brady and Poloma just has to be the best decision you’ll make.  It’s not a question of choice: you need to be here to make the best outcome for you and your family’s future.


At Unleash the Business Within you will see first hand, the dedication and commitment that all the speakers will offer you so that you can do whatever it takes to be a successful business person.



Adam Ginsberg

Adam Ginsberg is a powerful speaker sharing his inspirational story and personal experiences in a way that……..

Bill Walsh

Bill Walsh is the CEO/Founder of Business Coaching firm Powerteam International….

ruby wax

When Ruby Wax speaks you can expect not only a unique brand of humour,

karren brady

When you’re looking to inspire and motivate people…

paloma vivanco-coutts

London-based business women started out frying donuts…

chris johnson

Widely known as the No1 grant funding expert, Chris is one of the most successful educators

marko kozlowski

Marco entered adulthood as a struggling musician living hand-to-mouth ….

saj p

With almost 400,000 private students Saj enjoys the successes he helps others to find.

raymond aaron

Raymond Aaron, the nation’s number #1 success and investment coach …

will duquette

Like many successful people, Will Duquette had very humble beginnings…

mark nathwani

Mark’s seemingly unstoppable entrepreneurial drive led him to launch …

john lee

John Lee is a well known and respected international speaker

simon coulson

MBA climbed the corporate ladder with BT for 14 year

nik halik

Nik is a global wealth strategist, entrepreneur, international speaker, astronaut


taking place at ….

ILEC Conference Centre

The Ibis London Earls Court Hotel

47 Lillie Road

London SW6 1UD



FREE TICKETS [Limited Availability] Click here


Ultimate Wealth Summit with Bill Walsh in Milton Keynes, UK


John Lee

Investing in Property with No Money? Yes, he told 10,000 people whilst on stage with Sir Richard Branson!

Yes it is and John Lee knows all about it. That’s why he is the first author in the UK who’s ever published a book how one can invest in property using No Mortgage, No Finance and there’s No Problem!
John Lee is the co-founder of Wealth Dragons. A best-selling author and international speaker who has shared the stage with the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Anthony Robbins and Lord Alan Sugar, John Lee has inspired tens of thousands of people around the world to create financial freedom through his high-energy and inspiring training style.
At Ultimate Wealth Summit, John will be showing you :
  • How anyone can get started in property using little or none of your own money
  • How to find sellers who would “beg” you to buy their houses at 25 – 30% below the market value
  • How lease options work – a method in which you can invest in property without using any mortgage finance or deposits
  • How it is possible to make £2 – £10k in property deals that you don’t even want PASSIVELY
Anyone who’s heard John speak would tell you that he “holds nothing back” at his event! He has worked tirelessly to gather the best speakers from around the world to bring you superb value at Ultimate Wealth Summit. Come and see for yourself.

Alex Mandossian

Transform Your

Annual Income

into Weekly

Income Using

The Inte

A Legend who works with leaders such as Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Cranfield, Stephen Covey, Les Brown, T Harv Eker, Donald Trump, Brian Tracey, Harvey Mackay…

Since 1991, Alex Mandossian has generated over $233 million in sales for his clients and partners. Amongst his clients and friends are some of the most influential thought leaders and companies such as Dale Carnegie Training, NYU, 1ShoppingCart Corp., Mutuals.com, Trim Spa and Sam’s Club.

It’s a true honour to have Alex speaking at Ultimate Wealth Summit.

So what will Alex be teaching you at the event? Well, he would not tell us as it is meant to be a surprise! But we can tell you that when you have the opportunity to hear Alex speak, it’s an opportunity not to be missed.

He WILL transform your life!

Vincent Wong

How to Buy
and Make 5-10k

a Month Passively

From Property

and Buy Houses

Using None

of Your Own Money

The Google Master who has found 60,000 Property Deals Online

Vincent Wong is an international speaker, best-selling author and co-founder of Wealth Dragons. His “claim to fame” was when he pioneered the method of finding property sellers who wish to sell their houses quickly by offering 20 – 35% below the market value.

At Ultimate Wealth Summit, Vincent will be sharing with you:

  • The power of using Google to find more bargain houses than you can handle
  • How to systemize your marketing machine so you can do property deals from anywhere around the world
  • The advanced strategies that would allow you to generate leads online for pennies
  • How to make £2k to £10k a month passively by selling “information” online.

Anyone who has seen Wealth Dragons speak would be familiar with their high-energy and inspiring training styles. Vincent will not disappoint.

Listen Here Below for an Exlusive Interview

Stephanie Hale

How to Become

a Millionaire



Have You Always Dreamt of Becoming a Published Author?


You must meet Stephanie Hale and learn from this Oxford University lecturer, millionaire author and publishing entrepreneur who has helped over 5,000 titles getting published!

Do you know that an average author in the UK only sells 250 copies a year? At Ultimate Wealth Summit, Stephanie will show you:

  • How to write your own book in 30 days using her “backdoor” strategies
  • How to get six-figures for your book simply and get it on the Best-Seller list
  • How to use your book to leverage into multi-million pound business opportunities

Stephanie now speaks internationally and has organised many events especially for the somewhat “neglected” female audience. Her insight in the publishing business and desire to promote female speakers has inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Listen Here Below for an Exlusive Interview

Vince Tan

How to Generate

Unlimited Income

Through Internet Marketing

The “Fastest” Internet Marketer in the World will show you how to Launch Your Own Products and make ££

Vince Tan started computing at the age of 7 and was already making money online by the age of 15. After making his first $1m at the age of 23, his main focus now is to inspire people around the world to generate unlimited income through many of his “underground” techniques.

Although Vince didn’t want to reveal too much beforehand what he would be teaching at Unlimited Wealth Summit as a surprise, we know his specialties are:How to “flip” domain names and make up to 400% return on your investments

  • His secret “product launch formulas” of how to make fast and substantial income through launching your own products.
  • His teaching style are STEP-BY-STEP with great passion and enthusiasm that inspire the audience

Vince will be coming from Malaysia to speak at Ultimate Wealth Summit to share with you his Internet marketing secrets.

Listen Here Below for an Exlusive Interview

Bill Walsh

How to do Deals

with Millionaires

How Would You like to “Rub Shoulders” with Billionaires?

Bill Walsh will show you how.


Founder and CEO of Business Coaching and venture capital firm Powerteam International has spent the last two decades working with start-ups and global enterprises.

In Ultimate Wealth Summit, Bill will show you:

What it takes to build a million-dollar business

  • The secrets of successfully building multi-million dollar joint ventures
  • How to break your success strategies into a manageable 2-year success plan
  • How to get connected with the “sharpest minds on the planet”
  • How to turn your passions and ideas into CASH TODAY!

Listen Here Below for an Exlusive Interview

Minesh Bhindi

How To Make a

Fortune in Gold

and Silver

Go for Gold with Minesh Bhindi

The gold and silver investment maverick Minesh Bhindi will show you the profitable way of investing in inflation-proof’ “currencies” such as gold and silver. Among his students today are CEOs, business owners, high net-worth individuals as well as ordinary people who want a massive passive income.

At Ultimate Wealth Summit, Minesh will reveal:

  • How to capitalize on the “boom cycle” of gold and silver to generate massive cash flow and capital gains
  • How to invest like institutions to buy gold and silver at 20% BELOW MARKET VALUE
  • How to grown a golder and silver fund from £10k to £2.2m using NO MONEY DOWN
  • How anyone can get started with zero experience in this market spending as little as 10 to 45 minutes a month!

Listen Here Below for an Exlusive Interview

Saj P

Something You Have

Before Guaranteed


The Most Powerful Mindset Technology that is termed “Law of Attraction on Steroids”!

Saj P, the world renowned speaker and serial entrepreneur, has a personal relationship with the person who has devoted his past 30 years to this groundbreaking technology.

You might already know about the power of the “subconscious mind”. This technology will reveal your UNCONSCIOUS MIND! Your unconscious mind has all the answers and it manifests itself in certain ways. This is Law of Attraction on steroids!

It’s so powerful that the founder of this technology discovered some secret cohort operations in Iraq through the speech of the US President and three assassination attempts had been made on his life since!

As scary as it may sound, this technology, when used properly, could have a dramatic and positive impact on your life in a super-powerful way. Whether it is to do with money, relationship or anything that is embedded in your unconscious mind. Yes, it has ALL the answers.

Saj P will reveal ALL at Ultimate Wealth Summit. It will change your life INSTANTLY. Miss it at your peril!

Listen Here Below for an Exlusive Interview

Glenn Armstrong

How to Buy One

House and Get

One Free

Buy One House and Get One Free!

Self-made property millionaire Glen Armstrong who built a £30m property portfolio in 3.5 years from nothing will teach you:

  • The six little-known strategies of starting in property WITH NO MONEY
  • The “insider secrets” of buying one property and getting another one for ABSOLUTELY FREE!
  • The best areas to invest in so you can direct all your efforts to maximising cash flow
  • How to attract your buy-to-let tenants with as little work and capital as possible

Listen Here Below for an Exlusive Interview

Juswant Rai

How to Create
a 6 Figure

Networking Business

Build Your Net Worth through your Network

Juswant Rai is the co-founder of the UK’s biggest networking event Berkshire Property Meet. Every month, hundreds of people gather at his event to network and millions of pounds of property deals have been transacted since its first event in 2007.

There is an adage in business that your “network is your net worth”. Juswant will be showing you specifically:

  • How to overcome fear and develop your networking skills to become an effective networker
  • How to use your network to monetise your business
  • Step-by-step how to set up your own 6-figure networking businesst using the most up-to-date marketing strategies
  • The “buzz” strategy that will fill your event so much that you might have to turn people away!

Juswant is a personal friend of Wealth Dragons and he has promised to deliver to you something that will make your every minute spent in networking count towards building your net worth.

Listen Here Below for an Exlusive Interview

Nik Halik

Would you go to the Moon or Explore the Titanic?

Nik Halik, founder and CEO of Financial Freedom Institute, Money Masters Global and co-founder of The Intelligence Group of companies is also a certified astronaut as well as a sea explorer who’s dived 5 miles into the ocean to the bow of the Titantic.

Nik will be teaching you at Ultimate Wealth Summit his unique Stock Market trading strategies that allow him to “truly live the life he deserves”. Perhaps you would like to join him for his next space exploration adventure and view our planet from the International Space Station?

Listen Here Below for an Exlusive Interview

Marco Kozlowski

How to Systemise

Your Busines

and Never Have

to Work in it



WTF? Ah it’s Marco Kozlowski’s “Wealth The Formula”!

Marco Kozlowski is one of the world’s leading experts on delegation and systems process engineering. He is currently an owner in a wide variety of successful companies. From holistic centres and Cancer research facilities, to private business consulting, to recording companies – Marco’s methodology has proven results.

A charismatic and powerful speaker who is adored by all the audiences around the world, Marco will be sharing with you:

  • How he used WTF to build 12 multi-million dollar companies
  • How to structure your businesses that will maximise profit and reward you and every member of your team
  • How to use other people to do all the work so you are an owner and not the manager of your business

His WTF is as bold as its results.

Listen Here Below for an Exlusive Interview

Lee Sanford

How to Make 5k a

Month From Forex


See Star Trader Lee Sanford trade LIVE on the day!

Ex-professional footballer turned multi-millionaire star trader Lee Sanford will show you:

  • The reality of turning £10k to £65k in 3 months through trading
  • How ANYONE can use the appropriate trading tools to make £5 – £25k consistently a month TAX FREE trading from anywhere in the world
  • How to spend as little as 30 minutes a week to manage your trades to maximise profits and minimise risks
  • The principles of “stress-free” trading that can be integrated into our hectic lives

Lee has combined his 17 years of trading experience to found Trading College, which today is known for its quality, price and customer service. The tools he’s developed are among some of the very best in the market place and his trading philosophy is simple, powerful and price-driven.

Listen Here Below for an Exlusive Interview


Dates: Friday 6th – Sunday 8th July 2012

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Jurys Inn Milton Keynes Hotel,

Midsummer Boulevard,

Milton Keynes,


Tel:+44 1908 843700,

Fax:+44 1908 843777