Bill Walsh interviews Kristen White this Sunday on the Rainmaker Show

MMC, ICF member Professional Business and Life Coach, Media Coach, Author Mentor, WEB TV Video Producer, Spirituality/ Transformational Author, Thought-Leader, Speaker and Trainer, Radio Host and Intuitive Business Designer. Kristen enjoys helping entrepreneurs succeed in business and in life.

Kristen White has more than a decade of experience as an award-winning television journalist and anchor. She’s interviewed politicians, Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes and rock stars including Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Kevin Costner, Johnny Depp, Marianne Williamson and Arielle Ford. As the host of her own online radio show, Reporting Live from the Universe on Vivid Life Radio, Kristen has featured and interviewed more than 140 best-selling authors and personal growth experts.

Kristen offers consulting, training and coaching services that support your goals and put your passion into practice. Kristen White specializes in helping you unlock you authentic voice and find the crystal clear message to express your unique gifts to the world. Kristen has spent her entire life as a messenger: an author, a reporter, a correspondent, and a producer. Now it’s her heartfelt mission and joy to use her expertise to teach others how to become powerful messengers. Her passion is to support transformational authors, experts, and professionals to become magnetically attractive to the media. Kristen uses a dynamic, yet simple system to help thought-leaders and visionary entrepreneurs identify their market and then create a clear and concise message in web video content.

Kristen White has a proven track record of shifting her client’s mindset quickly and moving them from invisible to visible to become an Instant Celebrity Success. She is the co-creator of Instant Celebrity Academy and of Instant Celebrity Success System. Kristen specializes in scriptwriting, video production of multi-media books, and web TV shows. She works with you to create innovative language and concepts, brainstorm content creation and with private authentic voice message coaching.

Kristen White believes everyone has his or her own fingerprint expertise. This is the one area in their life where they excel in a way that no one else can compete. Kristen helps people connect with this zone of excellence. Several years of mediation, spiritual practice and study with master teachers has helped Kristen develop her intuition which she uses her insight on all levels of her work. Kristen White is also a Karuna Reiki Master and she trains people in energy medicine. Kristen also teaches you how to access and deepen your awareness in her Intuition Ignition workshops.

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Bill Walsh® interviews Kristen White

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