Bill Walsh interviews Dr. Azizan Osman this Sunday on the Rainmaker Show

The Marketing, Advertising and Sales Maestro

Dr Azizan Osman started training to be an expert in international marketing and sales in one of London’s highly rated organizations from year 2001. During that time, Dr Azizan joined the organization to become a successful marketer who could sell almost any products or services to anyone in need. His talent in handling marketing tasks opened up a lot of opportunities for Dr Azizan and one of them was to be given the chance build a team of talented marketers under his leadership. Not long after, Dr Azizan was promoted as Project Manager when he showed the talent he possessed in leadership.

With a great track record and exceptional marketing talent, Dr Azizan was then offered to build his own company sponsored by his employers. Dr Azizan then took his credibility as an international marketer to another level when he was awarded the “Chairman’s International Platinum Award”, the highest accolade to be handed out by the organization, after only two years of service.

During his meaningful and highly successful 8 years of service under the London-based organization, Dr Azizan Osman has received 14 personal accolades for his performance and success in the fields of leadership, management, human resource management, advertising as well as marketing, in which he holds a strong passion for.

In 2008, Dr Azizan made a bold move and left the company to pursue his life-long dream of owning his own company in the human development industry as well as other businesses which he is so passionate about. The greatest asset he brought on board was none other than his vast experience, collected after 8 years of hard work, to be shared with those in need of his expertise in the local industry.

The Successful Entrepreneur & Business Consultant

After leaving his principal, Dr Azizan continued to develop his business, focusing on human development and training. 3 years later, Dr Azizan is now the proud owner of a multinational conglomerate comprising a total of 12 subsidiary companies under the Richworks Group of Companies flagship.

The companies cover a wide range of businesses including advertising and marketing consultation, graphic design and printing solutions, import and export trading, book publishing, social media and web solutions, beauty and wellness, event management as well as corporate and accounting services.

Dr Azizan Osman’s success has been well documented by the local media and he is known as the business ‘guru’ in Malaysia for his desire and sheer determination to help other business owners to achieve their fullest potential in their respective industries. His aids come in various forms including talks, seminars, trainings, personal coachings as well as writing his own column in one of Malaysia’s largest tabloid newspapers and appearing on television programs on a weekly basis.

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